Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Gardening is complete!

Seeing as my polishing mops have neglected to arrive, my jewellery polishing will have to be postponed til Sunday now. Stupid Royal Mail!!

But still, it means I have another free day to do other things that need doing. I have taken my window box off my shed, fixed it, and reattached it. I can now put my plants actually in the window box. Hurray!!

Now, seeing as it's only dinner time, I will embark upon my many other tasks that i need to do. My guinea pig desperately needs trimming, so I think that will be one of my next jobs. She really doesn't like it, but it's necessary to stop her becoming a matted ball. Fun times!


My guinea pig is not a happy guinea pig. Well, she will be for the lack of matted hair near her bum, but she wasn't pleased with the whole trimming process.

Admittedly, she does look cuter like this

And she seems to be enjoying the camera attention, and showing off the lovely fur that isn't all matted.

But as you can see here:

There is nothing but hate in that beady eye.

Look at the pounds of fur she's lost!

I mean, she's very good and doesn't bite me or anything, but she squeaks and jumps about so i know she's not having the best time. But she will feel better not having to lug all that damp hair about. Though she might feel chilly for a bit. Poor little blighter. Who's idea was it to breed a rodent with unmanagably long hair that gets dirty within about four seconds? Guinea pig show people, that's who. Mad people that have nothing better to do than put guinea pigs in rollers and brush them endlessly. Some folk.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Gardening According to Pigeon

I don't know a great deal about gardening. I've managed to grow a few sunflowers in my time, and planted some seeds in my mother's rockery when i was little which then promptly took over the entire patch, but that's about as far as my expertise goes. So when i decided to embark upon planting my window box on my shed, i can't say i had great expectations. Massive hopes and excitement, but not expectations. Still, I poddled off to B&Q, to see what took my fancy.

I came away with a rather nice selection of evergreens, heathers and a tray of violas. This, added to the mass of bulbs i bought from Wilkinsons the other week, i was good to go.

First, I had to locate the tubs that fit into my window box that my mum had planted up a few years ago. They were suitably overgrown and spider infested.
Please don't be alarmed by the rather disturbing looking man sat on the bench. It's only Arthur. I am mostly creeped out by him since my mum brought him from my Grandad's garden, but seeing as he hasn't as yet jumped off the bench and hidden behind something and jumped out to scare me, I am slowly demoting him from ''creepy-ass'' to just ''odd''. I think I'll end up inheriting him at some point.
Anyway, after the trays had been purged of their weed-esque contents, i gave them a rinse with the new ultra-slick hose gun. They aren't sparkly clean, but as I'm just going to dump more dirt in them, I didn't feel it was a sensible use of my time and resources to go mad with the cleaning.
Then i did a bit of setting out and the briefest amount of thinking about where things would go.
Then came the hard part. Retrieving the bag of compost from a years worth of grime and spider encrustation. I fended off at least four spiders and a harvestman (weird spider that is technically all legs) before getting my mum to pull the bag out.
I then had the unenviable job of getting close enough to the spider infested bag to cut open the top and extract the compost. Scary times, but eventually I emerged triumphant....
With a shiny red bucket full of dirt. I am commander of all things peaty!
I then set about putting my plants in, randomly putting bulbs in along the way. Come spring i should have snowdrops, crocuses (croci?), grape hyacinth, bluebells, dark purple tulips, some poofy blue things and probably something else i can't remember. Seeing as i have no idea when it comes to gardening, i don't know whether I've spaced them correctly or anything, I've just bunged a load in and hope they grow.
Check out my mini conifer! Its a lemon scented....something or other. Apparently they grow to about 30ft, but if i keep trimming it, I'm sure i can keep it mini. I haven't named him yet, but he shall come in very handy as an exterior Krimble tree.
And there it is.
I know it doesn't look much at the moment, but the little evergreen bushes will grow, and in spring all the bulbs will come up, and i plan on putting some daisies in at some point. I thought the tiny evergreen shrub in the top right corner was the cutest little plant ever. My mum thought i was barmy, but sometimes you have to feel these things in order to tend to them properly.
I also bought some rosemary, as i do like it on potatoes. I put it in a nice square pot, with more bulbs hidden underneath.
I also had some heathers left over, so I made a heather tub, with a couple of bonus bulbs in.
I also discovered, while creating my flowery tubs of magic, that i had also succeeded in creating quite a large mess.

I did buy some gardening gloves, as you can see, but they are suspiciously clean because after initially handling the spidery compost bag, i quickly dispensed with them and just plunged my hands into the dirt. Plus side is that now my hands smell of rosemary. Downside is that now I need industrial cleaner to get the stuff out from under my nails.
Tomorrow, hopefully my polishing mops will come and i can finish my jewellery, but i also need to fix my window box so i can put my tubs in, and it will all be glorious. At the moment it is falling off my shed cuz the people who built it only nailed it in, so I'll need to screw it on properly, then the magic can be realised. Woo! After about four years of having the shed and windowbox, I'm finally putting something in it! Huzzah!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Good Effort, Could Do Better

Well, so much for my post-a-day attempt. Though having said that, 11 posts this month is a vast improvement on last month. I think i shall award myself a tick.

That's nice.

I had a nice week sans parents, not counting going to work. Had some lovely relaxing evenings, apart from when my brother randomly decided to come home, even though he has moved out. Pain in the arse. Went to a par-tay on Saturday night, which mostly involved drinking and talking rubbish while watching various televisual programmes. Oooh, and speaking of televisual programmes, Ross Noble is on tonight, with a series of him touring round Australia. If it's half as good as his DVD extras, it should be a treat! And the final series of Supernatural is finally out on DVD!! I missed the last few episodes, so now i can finally find out whether they stopped the Apocalypse! I'm guessing yes, unless it had one hell of a twist where the world did actually end. But probably not. Oh Dean, lovely Dean, I have missed you.

Have spent today powering through my Valentine jewellery. I've made all the pieces, I just have to polish them up and make the stoppers for the poison rings. I would still be doing it now, but when i got out my polishing mop tin, i noticed that i only had two calico polishing mops left, and i need about one per item, and I've got ten things to polish, so I've come in, ordered some off the net, and settled down for a quick blog.

Got quite a bit to do these next few days. Got to polish up the jewellery, make J a ring, possibly make my mum some earrings, tax my car, plant my window box, finish my Halloween costume, plan out some paintings, plus the various day to day things of tidying, washing clothes, cleaning out piggies and so on so forth. When did my life become so packed with things to do? I think it's cuz I'm a creative type, i always have stuff to do that isn't going to work and household chores. I remember when all i had to do what i got home from school was watch The Simpsons and perhaps go to my friends house. Now it's all crept up on me, and if i do get a spare minute, I'm always thinking ''What could i be doing that's more productive?''. Not that I would then go and do it, but it would be nice to have guilt free relaxing!

Going to go and write tomorrow's to do list. Yay!

Monday, 21 September 2009

A boring post, to counteract any excitement you are feeling

I know it's been nearly a week since my last post, but i am terribly busy and important. Had things to do, and some stuff, and more things..... jam packed, my schedule is! Well, most of the time it has been taken up with going to work, eating, indulging in passive aggressive road rage and considering tidying up, but still, it leaves little time for bloggage.

I'm going well on the jewellery making, though i still need to get a piece finished by the end of the month. Might have to have a sneaky day off work and really knuckle down. You see, my rents have gone away for the week, so this week will be a week of bliss with J coming round in the evenings, so there will be scant time for jewellery making and/or blogging.

Plus i really don't have much to blog about, as it's been a pretty standard week. So here i am, blogging about not blogging. Maybe something slightly more interesing will happen next week.

We can but hope, people!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Redundant Garments - A New Edition

Yes, well, we've all wondered at the point of the trouser skirt, and pondered just what the point of a sleeveless woolly jumper is, but I have noticed a new trend of pointless garment clogging up the racks of all of the women's clothes shops (and don't get me started on the annoying cloneyness of women's clothes shops. Doesn't matter what name is above the door, they all have the same stuff). That trend is the ''Boyfriend Shirt''.

Basically, it is a baggy, unflattering shirt, with short sleeves with fake roll ups, made to look like you are just casually wearing your boyfriend's shirt. Let me start with the crippling tragicness of that concept. You want to wear your boyfriend's shirt but find yourself sans boyfriend? Well just buy your own shirt and pretend you have casually borrowed it from your non-existent boyfriend (or even worse, your imaginary boyfriend. He's probably called Travis and is rugged and sensitive at the same time.) Why stop at shirts? Why not buy those 'boyfriend cut' jeans and step out imagining you look like you have cutely borrowed your boyfriend's clothes, whereas in fact you look like a lesbian? Or why not buy a hooker so you can walk in on her and your fake boyfriend and have an intense imaginary break up. It's a slippery slope.

But let's ignore the extreme tragicness of buying such an item, and focus on the pointlessness, shall we? Why not just buy a man's shirt, and then wear it with the sleeves rolled up? Or, for full authenticity, JUST BORROW ONE OF YOUR BOYFRIEND'S SHIRTS?? The ''Boyfriend shirt'' that they are selling in these shops is actually LESS useful than a normal shirt, as the sleeves will not roll down when you feel a bit chilly. The rolled up look is just a lie! Plus they are producing them with very girly patterns and designs, which means although they are supposed to look like you have worn your boyfriend's shirt, everyone will see it for the lie that it is because no self respecting man would every buy a purple tartan shirt with a silver thread trim. At least make them in masculine designs to keep up the farce.

But i suppose it fits with the fashion designer mentality. They have pointless hair cuts and have pointless little dogs and design their clothes for pointless people like Paris Hilton, so why not make actual pointless clothes? I think I've made my point.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Poor Frank

Another day, another doddering old idiot wrecking my car. Seriously, do we have to have them culled when they reach a certain age?

You may think I'm being harsh, but i do have my reasons.

I was at work on Saturday, when a woman comes into the shop wanting to know if anyone had a little red car. I said that i had. Apparently what had happened was that a stupid old woman on a mobility scooter had come barrelling down the pavement, narrowly missed her and then crashed into my front bumper and then got wedged underneath. Bearing in mind that she was on the PAVEMENT and my car was STATIONARY on the ROAD, she must have been going too fast. Then after getting her scooter wedged under my bumper and gouging massive scrapes out of the paintwork, a van with four men in it stop to 'help'. Without trying to find out whose car it was, they lift it up, pull out the scooter (bending my bumper at the same time), and send the dithering old twat on her way, before similarly scarpering. If it weren't for the woman that she nearly hit going round knocking on doors trying to find who owned the car, I wouldn't have known til i went to go home and found my bumper fucked up. Clearly if she can't control it and won't take responsibility for what she damages, she shouldn't have the scooter. They don't have insurance or anything, they just blunder about regardless. And if that means that she can't get out and about, well, thats probably for the best if thats what she is going to do while she's out. NowI'm stuck with the inconvenience of getting it sorted and the bill of getting it sorted.

To add insult to injury, she went up the road past the neighbouring shop, and as the woman that runs it came out, she said ''It was that car that got me!'', like it leaped onto the pavement and forced her to break my bumper. STUPID. OLD. WOMAN.

Add to that the fact that my first Micra was written off by a confused old man that shouldn't have even been allowed to drive and pulled out in front of me, and you see my reasons why i think that old people shouldn't be allowed to drive ANYTHING. If they can't get up from a chair without three hours, a stick and a helper or can't step off the curb without falling over and breaking their hip, then I very much doubt they have the ability, reaction speed or strength to control any sort of vehicle.

Plus, the four blokes in the van probably drove off merrily, thinking they had done a good deed for the day, not stopping to think about the car they wrenched the bumper off. The thought of them with their stupid grubby mitts touching my car and lifting it up makes me want to hit them. Tossers.

OK, i think it's time i had a little time out in the corner, I'm on the verge of a tantrum.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

More Midnight Battles

Well, did you all have an exciting time at 9.09am, on 09-09-09? I bet you did. There was a brief moment that was magical and special as the cosmos aligned, and then it ticked over to ten past, and the world seemed a little less special. Still a bit special, cuz its 09-09-09, but not AS special.

I've just got off my dinner break, and I could just curl up and fall asleep under my desk. We had a bit of rogue sunshine and no wind, so as i sat outside on the bench in the garden, it was toasty warm and sunny. Now I'm full and warm, and my little eyes want to close. Well, as full as i can be on my salad that i had for dinner. I feel a bit bloated and technically 'full', but its not what I'd call the satisfied feeling that you get after a good hearty meal. But I'll have to get used to it, its the way its going to be from now on.

I'm also pretty tired because it was another sleepless night due to the Great English Insect Invasion. This time it was a moth. I'm not actually scared of moths. In fact, with a couple of drinks inside me i have been known to capture one in my bare hands and spirit it away outside. I don't like them fluttering round my face, but i was quite happy to sleep in the room without feeling the need to get rid of it. They aren't exactly going to cause much trouble with their paper like wings and their proboscis. So I settled down to sleep with the moth happily bumbling around on the ceiling. The problem was, I am still in a jumpy spider mood, so as i was dropping off and my grip on reality started to drift away, the flutterings of the moth transformed into the scrabblings of a spider under my bed. Quite a few times I snapped into a semi-consciousness, where i knew i was awake, but i still believed my dreams to be real. So i was checking under my bed, convinced there was a spider under there, and at one point, i thought that a giant one was in my wardrobe because ''that's where they kept them and that's what happened when there were moths.''. Very odd and vague dream. So eventually i had to get rid of the moth, not because it was a moth, but because it was playing havoc with my paranoia with its relentless buffeting of the ceiling. I was a massive one too, so it was making quite a racket. I tried to capture it under a glass, but it was too high and fluttery, and i was still jumpy. So i resorted to spraying it with an aerosol. Sure Anti-perspirant, to be precise. All that did was seem to make it panic and spaz about even more erratically. Eventually, it disappeared somewhere, and didn't reappear, and i could get back to my now-bound-to-be disjointed and broken sleep. This morning I found in sleeping in a pile of clothes, so i scooped it up and put it out of the window to beeee freee. See how kind i am when it doesn't sneak about then jump out on me??

Off to J's tonight to watch some TV, and relax before doing three days at the shop. Probably should do some work now. Yes. Definitely should do that.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I meant to post this yesterday....

After a good nights sleep following The Spider Incident (with lights on and bed pulled away form the wall) I feel cheerier, and day three of my new office environment is still quite upbeat. My rubber band ball constructed from the secret bounty of rubber bands is now complete.

It's not quite as big as i thought it was going to be, but never mind. I suppose i can build it up as i come across more rubber bands.

I'm supposed to be working furiously, but i thought I'd have a little breather to blog. Not much to report really. The receptionist I'm working with is a lovely lad with tousled Heath Ledger hair. I'm on a fruit and veg only diet. I discovered a really old guillotine with a swooshy blade instead of a modern side to side blade. Works a treat.

Am off to the pub tonight, to do the quiz with the ever suspicious quiz master. Not going to drive as its looking to be a nice warm evening, and so i won't get rained on there or back. So i can drink some lovely, life giving Strongbow, to celebrate being over with the first third of my working week.

Am thinking of bringing a plant into work. I'm thinking a sunflower, that i can grow from a tiny seed, and then prop up on the wall. At about half past three every day, I get a tiny strip of sun slicing across my desk for about half an hour before the sun disappears behind the trees opposite. If i position it there, it will get lots of photosynthesising done. Its either that or bring in my new sunshine buddy.

He nods his head from side to side when the sun comes out cuz he is solar powered. But i kinda want to keep him at home. He's so cute! J saw one at his mates house when we went over one afternoon, and really wanted one, so i took on the epic task of locating one on eBay. Not easy. They aren't as common as i thought they were! But yeah, finally found one, and though i might as well order two to save on postage, but the seller stitched me up by selling one in dollars and one in pounds, and when i tried to contact her about combining postage, she didn't reply, and so i ended up paying two sets of postage. Thieving git. But still, he does cheer me up when i see him nodding and smiling away!

Monday, 7 September 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year.....

Yes, avid reader(s), it's that glorious time of year again. What time is that? You ask. The time when all the little chilblains pack up there new highlighters and don their shiny new shoes and head off for a brand new year at school? Yes, but it's not what I'm thinking of. The time when all the trees take on a beautiful orange hue, and the air starts to turn clear and crisp? Again, close, but no cigar.

It's that time of year, ladies and gentlemen, that is cruel and unusual. It is that time like no other that leaves me in a constant state of paranoia, fear, and slight clamminess due to the involuntary sweating.

It is, of course, the time of year that the spiders of Ye Olde Englande have spent the summer fattening up, growing to unreasonably gargantuan proportions, and then finding that as soon as the weather gets a bit wet and chilly, that they can't possibly cope with living outside anymore, and find convenient lodgings in these nice, warm and dry places we call 'houses'. Places that we have built with our own hands, for our own use, the spiders suddenly think they have every right to squat in our homes. We don't go and gatecrash their webs, do we? Move on in without an invitation, hiding in corners and leaping out to scare them? No, we do not, for we are noble and honest and so very English and polite. It's just not the done thing. But they just waltz in, without so much as a hello, or a 'do you mind?'. I'm sure a lot of people don't mind spiders, but it would be nice if those of use that have a morbid fear of their mandibles and massively long spindly legs could have the choice whether our greatest fear invades our homes.

I was sat in bed, minding my own business, designing rings for the Valentine Show, and making quite good progress, when about two foot away from my head, the biggest, ugliest mandiblest brown house spider saunters out from behind my radiator. Obviously after about ten seconds of stunned horror and whimpering, I decide that I will have to tackle the beast alone and by myself, as it was about half past midnight, and the other occupants of the house were asleep. Probably for the best, they aren't sympathetic to my fear. The thought did occur that if i had fallen asleep, this monstrous atrocity would have carried on regardless, probably crawling onto me, and would still be at large in my room, with me unaware of it's diabolical intentions. So being still awake to witness it was probably a blessing in disguise. Still, it meant that i had to dispose of the little fecker. I grabbed what i had to hand without taking my eyes off it, and that happened to be my stetchbook. Then, in a calculated manoeuvre, i launched the sketchbook at the wall, hoping to slam it onto the spawn of Satan. No such luck. Due to a moment of hesitation and the edge of the sketchbook catching on the radiator, the vile creature dropped down the back of the radiator. Which also meant it was now under my bed. And i have a lot of gubbage under my bed.

So, while the sadistic arachnid was recovering from its tumble, i had whipped the bed away from the wall. On the plus side, i found the hoodie that i lost a couple of weeks ago. On the minus side, this was where the spider was now hiding. I got a ruler and prodded the hoodie. Nothing. Prodded again. Nothing. I was just starting to think the worst, that the spid-face had gotten the jump on me and had already bombed under the bed, when i moved the hoodie slightly and the sneaky bugger dashed out. I grabbed a glass and while i was scrabbling to trap it, it sped under the bed, into the conglomeration of items that reside under there. Bugger.

Now, i had options. I could admit defeat, gather up my duvet that may or may not have other spiders in it and go and sleep downstairs, or i could persevere and slay the beast with scant regard for my own personal safety. Now, the first option sounded tempting, but there were drawbacks. Firstly, we have exposed floorboards at the moment, cuz we are decorating, and the floorboards have gaps. These potentially held yet more evil spiders. Secondly, if i let the spider go, my room would forever be contaminated, with each and every item holding a possible spider attack. If i left now, there was no going back. I would have to go in after it.

You may think this is a tad overkill for a relatively small animal, but considering that in my head, a spider is capable of latching onto you, running up your body and burrowing into your brain to either kill you or to operate you like a giant puppet, it seemed perfectly necessary. I'm not sure exactly what it is that freaks me out so much, but i know that i can look at them when they are still, but as soon as they move, i panic. Sad, but unfortunately true, so i have to work around this fact. Also, due to an experience a couple of years ago around the same time of year, when i captured one, and then another one appeared and escaped behind my bookshelves, I'm convinced there's more than one. So everything is treated with suspicion, including my duvet, pillow and anything that was anywhere near where the spider was when it appeared. I end up spending the night in a state of rigid tenseness and rapt attention, until my mind blocks out the horror and i can function normally again. You see, if i haven't seen a spider, there are none there, even in my shed or the garage, but as soon as I've seen one, in my head they are everywhere. So it would be impossible for me to just leave one. That's madness. Madness on an incarcerational scale.

So, back to the tale of bravery and terror. I crouch down, and shine my bedside lamp under my bed. I start to nudge things, in the hope it will run out into a convenient space where i can trap it under the glass i had. I do this for some time, thinking that the longer that time goes on, the bigger the radius is for possible locations for the spider. It is not a good thought. My toes are exposed, and i was on the floor, where it could attack at will. I stayed in this position for several minutes, locked in a stalemate of not wanting to actually get under the bed, and not wanting to walk away, when the little bastard cracked. I saw him creep out and stand in the most inconvenient place, behind my bed head. This was crucial. One wrong move now, and it could run back under the bed and return to the previous dilemma. I pulled the bed further out, and got into position with my glass. Easy does it. It twitches. I leap back three feet. I strike, and i win! Spider safely under glass. Ha! Though even though it is captured, it still looks imposing and like it could smash through the glass and bite my arm off at any moment. I stop and catch my breath for a moment, before attempting the delicate procedure of sliding a piece of card under the glass. I now have the unfortunate situation of being in possession of a massive live spider, that i have no idea what to do with. I'm not releasing it, it will just come back, and I can't splat it, as its so big i would be mopping up spider innards. I do the only thing i can think of, and take it into the bathroom. At least if i put it in the bath and it escapes the glassy prison, it won't escape the bath. I then squished the fecker with the glass. It may have been my riled nerves or imagination, but i swear the crunch reverberated up my arm. I then washed it's sorry remains down the plug hole.

After such a harrowing experience, i took to my bed, with the light on and staring madly around me, ready for another attack. It took me about half an hour to trust that my duvet wasn't teeming with similar nasty creatures, and then i kept waking up every hour or so in a dazed paranoia that there was another one. Then, this morning, i had to retrieve my sketchbook that was wedged behind the radiator. That was a jumpy time.

I'm now knackered, with jangled nerves and keep jumping at anything spindly, like thread, or tomato stalks, or hair.

Or, to cut a long story short;

Me - 1
Spider - 0

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sunday Fun

Oooooh, told you that Friday and Saturday would be a challenge didn't i? Friday night i came home straight from work and immediately went out with J, and Saturday i went straight out to a meeting about the Valentines exhibition, then onto J's house.

But, I'm back now, and we can chat.

Friday was fun, J and i went to the pub for about 6pm, and were absolutely trollied but about nine. Well, it started out civil, with pints of beverages, then he started ordering Korky's shots and after that things just got silly. But good silly.

My meeting about the Valentine's exhibition was good too. I was quite apprehensive about it, because I'm not a spontaneously chatty people person, and I am a master of the unintentional awkward silence. I have also not seen these people for about two years, since we left uni, and i thought it would be weird, but no, it was great. I parked my car in a pay and display car park, thinking two hours would be enough (and expensive enough, the next block of payment was £4.20 for up to four hours - they can sod right off) but two hours flew by! Every one seems to be doing some great things, and they liked my poison rings, so I've got a positive feeling about the whole thing. Groovy.

Also, I don't know if you have seen Dragon's Den, or the overseas equivalent if you indeed live overseas, but to be honest the point I'm about to make doesn't really hinge on whether you've seen it of not. Its just that the presenter of the UK Dragons den seems to be a real live Troll Doll.
Evan Davis, we know who you are.


Thursday, 3 September 2009

Diary of a Slattern

Well, I got two of the things on my list done tonight. Find comedy childhood photos. Check. Sit in shed for a while and contemplate making jewellery before bashing a bit of metal and then coming to the conclusion to design a bit more first. Check. Tidy room. Nooooooooooooooooo.

Urgh, why am I so untidy?? My room is too small for such wanton casting of items hither and thither. I think I'm just a lazy arse. Seriously, I'm sat on the floor in front of my computer at the moment cuz my chair is full of stuff. I'm also sat ON a load of stuff. Dirty pig.

Still no pictures from yesterday, but i do have pics of the kinky ducks -


And I've also changed direction for my Valentines jewellery. I was going to make jewellery based around some pebbles i found on the beach a while back that were peppered with holes and looked kinda cool, but now I'm making heart and rose themed poison rings and pendants. I am determined not to change my mind again now, as i did this in uni and that's why i didn't have very long to do my work and it was shit. I changed it this time because i didn't get any holey pebbles at the seaside yesterday, and i already have some poison rings half made. Cheating a bit, but i don't really care....

Probably should attempt to tidy my room now, as J is coming over tomorrow night and he's a bit disgusted at my innate untidy nature. He manages to be naturally tidy and I'm a clumsy spaz, constantly knocking over his stuff and generally being messy. You'd think he'd be used to it by now. He's got a lot to learn, that lad. Or maybe he'll keep me in a cage with an exercise wheel and a drippy water bottle and only let me out for brief periods so he can limit the amount of mess i make. Or I'll learn to be tidy.




Hahahahahahhahahahah no *wipes away a tear of mirth* no, i can't bank on those million to one odds! Yeah, I should really go and tidy now.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Day at the Seaside!

I am so tired! Just got back from a day out to celebrate my little brother's 18th birthday. We went to Scarborough for the day (seaside place with much tat and fish and chips) and then came back and had an Indian. Am tired and stuffed to the gills.

Scarborough was fun, though i we were halfway there and i realised that i had left my memory card for my camera in the little slot in my computer - dammit! So when we got there i looked into buying a new one, but the cheapest was bout £20, so i thought 'Cha! I'm not paying that!' and promptly hijacked my Dad's camera for the day. Though sadly, as he has now gone home with his camera, i cannot share the glorious pics with you today. Had a fun day though. Went on those two pence slot machines and won a little pot duck dressed as a sailor, and a little pot duck dressed as a nun (?). I think the manufacturers of the cheap tat were trying to create some sort of kinky duck based sex fantasy. There was a skeleton duck which i really wanted, but the only winnable ones on the edge of the coins were the sailors and nuns, and i didn't really want more than one of each. I also put about four pounds into one of those cuddly toy grabby machines, that are a complete swiz. Loads of times i grabbed the toy, only for the jaws of the grabby thing to open and drop it. Cheating buggers. It was a really cute cuddly toy as well, it was one of those blue nosed bears dressed as a badger, with a five pound note sellotaped to it. But no, I had to walk away before i put all my money and patience into it. I did manage to completely mess up the display by lifting up the bears and dropping them again. Ha to them, they had to come and set them out neatly again! HAHA!

So then i had a little sleepy in the car on the way home, and then we went out for the Indian. Mmmmmmm, very filling, though it's now a couple of hours since and it all seems to have disappeared from my stomach. Weird.

Got quite a bit to do tomorrow as well. I'm at work all day, then in the evening i need to tidy my room, find some old photos of me in my youth for chuckling over with J , and make a ring for my Valentine collection. I've got a meeting on Saturday to discuss the exhibition, and I'm kinda nervous about it, cuz its my uni classmates and i haven't seen them since uni, and 1. I'm no good at talking to people anyway, and i didn't really speak to them in uni and 2. they have been doing allsorts with their jewellery making careers and I've basically sold a few bits on Etsy and worked in an office for two years. Impressive. But anyway, I'll worry about that on Saturday. Until then, my 'Get thin for Halloween' diet is not working at all, as I've had loads to eat and managed to actually put on weight. Boo to everything. I think my motivation for losing weight just doesn't outweight the niceness of food. Grrr, if only they would hurry up and make an effective appetite suppressant, we could all get on with our lives.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Throwing Down the Challenge

It has recently come to my attention that I have not been posting with a discipline driven regularity, and would like to take this month to rectify this terrible imbalance. Therefore i plan to post every day for a month, then hopefully i will have got into the habit of posting more. So, readers, come with me now and plunge headfirst into what is my extremely dull and mediocre life....

Today seemed the best day to start this, as it's a brand new shiny month, and it just so happens I've moved offices at work, and now I'm in a private little corner where i can surreptitiously blog to my heart's content. There's also that 'back to school' vibe going on, which is especially nice as I'm not going back to school! I always did love getting new stationary.

I started the day by connecting up my computer, then set about bringing all my stuff from my old office to this one. It's a bit ridiculous really, the office i was previously occupying used to be a coffee lounge until about three years ago (what's wrong with a tea lounge??), when the coffee lounge was moved upstairs and it was made into an office. Now, for some reason, after three years or so, people have decided that they want their coffee lounge back. Madness. So I've been shunted to the back of Reception, where, like at this instant, when the receptionist goes walkabout and the phone rings, I'm obliged to answer it. I try to resist the impulse. But yeah, on the whole, its a nice little place to work. No one can see my computer screen, i have better mobile phone signal and i can generally waft about getting on with my own work and watch other people getting fraught and worried about things that have nothing to do with me. I've suitably arranged my desk with a series of mascots, such as my origami penguin collection, and my most recent acquisition of a really groovy MarioKart toy of Yoshi. I'm the height of cool....

I've also found the resting place of the worlds largest consignment of rubberbands, in my top drawer of my new desk. I don't think anyone knows they are here, so they will soon be fashioned into a massive rubber band ball of epic proportions. Watch this space....

In fact, I've got quite a lot to do that my actual work will get in the way of. I've got blog posts to write, Facebook to look at, the rubber band ball to construct. I might even bring a plant in and meticulously care for that, monitor its growth, etc. Ooooh, maybe a sunflower....

Seems a shame that i only work here two days a week now! Though I'm sure that will wear off quickly. Though i might bump it up to three days, and three days working at the jewellery shop, so I'm pulling a six day week. Might be worth it, as this job ends in December (supposedly) so i could do with the dosh. Also, seeing as I am working three days a week at the shop, that means no internet access while I'm there, so I will have to put extra effort in to getting a post done. Monday will be ok, as will Tuesday and Wednesday, cuz I'm working here, though Tuesday evening i see my best mate and Wednesday night I see J, Thursday I can post in the evening, but Friday I go straight from the shop to see J, ditto Saturday. Sunday is ok, but i might have to cram a week.s worth of other activites into Sunday. Other than that, I've got jewellery to make for a Valentine's exhibition, a halloween costume to finish, and various paintings that i want to do. Add to that general chores like washing and tidying, cleaning out my piggies, oh, and throw in showering, eating and sleeping. Though I suppose I can take the time i spend/waste playing bejewelled blitz on Facebook to do some stuff. It's quite sad, I'm getting rather good at it.

So thats it, a post a day til October. Kinda like that MoFoBlows, but, you know, just me and not a bunch of conformists. Nothing ever happens in November anyway.
Oh, and while I've been busily not blogging, J and I celebrated a year of going out. I say celebrated, I mentioned it once or twice, we never mentioned it again and we had a chinese. Romantic. But year, A year ago since i was accosted by a bloke that i couldnt remember. Aaaaaah memories!