Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Office Party

Well, here I am again, alone in the office. In the interest of not going out of my mind, I might liven the place up and have a bit of an office shin dig. I've got a veritable feast of Chewits, a pack of Fruit Salad sweets, a punnet of cherries, two kinder Hippos, a mandarin Muller Light and a tin of mackerel in tomato sauce. And some of the cherries are particularly shiny.

I've got my mp3 player for some rousing music, with such classics as Boney M and the theme tune from The Family Ness (btw way, while i was tracking down that link, I went on a nostalgic trip round the theme tunes of the 80's. Raggy Dolls Rules. Good times), and i could switch the lights on and off very fast to create a strobe light effect.

So, I think I''l just get a glass of Spar summer fruits squash and a paper plate, and get mingling.

Oooh, one of my work friends has just brought me a bottle of wine to say thank you for giving her some lifts to work. This could really make the party pop if it weren't for the fact I have to drive home. Booo. Though I've nearly eaten all these cherries now, they could be fermenting in my stomach as we speak, creating a kind of.... er, what alcohol does cherries make? It's not vodka and cherry coke... *looks it up on google* ....some kind of cherry brandy, apparently, though there are cherry wines, whisky and various cherry liqueurs. Mmmm, lovely. I wonder if there's anything in the handbook about constructing a rudimentary distillery under my desk, to create a cherry, chewit and kinder hippo beverage and the prohibition thereof. Though if i was in the mood for building anything questionable under my desk, it would be a bed so i could sleep the dullness away, and be up at night, ready for action. Well, not action, really, but able to function. I've got a painting stood in my room that I've been working on for ages now, mainly because I'm too tired to start doing it after work. I made the mistake of laying down yesterday for a second, and immediately fell asleep. Then when i woke up i felt all out of sorts because I'd had a random sleepie.

I'm making triangles out of the Chewit wrappers now. Its fun, and more dainty than using crisp packets.

Ok, I'm so bored i can't be bothered to eat. That's extreme. I might have to actually do some work. After the conga, of course.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Sneaky Posting Continues....

It's Monday again, look. Booo. Am alone in the office for a while, so the temptation to save my work until someone is here to observe me doing it is too much, and I've succumbed to Internettage. Am soooo sleepy, was up til three in the morning last night watching the first series of Project Runway on You Tube. Have still got the final to watch. It's so daft. You can really tell where it's been edited, so it's all choppy with very polished voice overs from Heidi Klum when she is supposed to be just talking off-camera. I watched Project Catwalk with Kelly Osbourne a while ago, and her completely wooden presenting style was a treat for both the eyes and ears.

So yeah, watching the final tonight, and hopefully won't get sucked into watching the second series, otherwise I'm going to get nothing done at all ever again. There's about 6 series', so I would be there for quite a while. Yes, i know i could ration it and watch a few a night, but when have i ever been good at restraint? I can't even stop myself eating cheese every time i go in the fridge.

Haven't really got much else to witter on about really, I've got out of the 'is this a blog-worthy event' mindset. Either that or I'll have to do more interesting things with my life!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Being Grumpy is MY job!

After yesterday's apparently surreal post, here's some reality:

Went to the pub last night, and did the quiz, as is our usual activity. Except i don't know if i want to go anymore, as it's all got a bit hostile. One section of the quiz is where the quiz master reads out six random questions, and if you have got all those questions right, you win the jackpot of £100. Well, about a month ago, me and my chum won it. It was a merry night!! Though, i have to admit, there was heavy usage of Google on my internet phone. Ever since then, then quiz master has stressed that as it's a free quiz, and mobile phone use would not be tolerated. Bitter or what??

Then last night, as he started the quiz, he barked over the mic that it was FREE QUIZ and that using mobile phones was BANNED and that anyone seen using them would have their quiz sheets TORN UP as it wasn't in the spirit of the quiz. The entire time he was spitting out his tirade, he was staring at me in a nasty way. Plus the quiz master (Kevin, pronounces 'funeral' as 'frunral' and says 'follering' instead of 'following') had just had his head shaved which gave him a scary psychopathic look. Unfortunately, my chum has quite a needy boyfriend who was texting her constantly all night, so every time her loud message tone went off, he would yell at us. It was like being at school! Though i don't think he had grasped the concept of internet phones, as i was merrily cheating away, i think he thought we texted people the questions, which would be very time consuming and tedious indeed. But yeah, he was very rude and it's like ''If you offer the prize, you can't get bitter when someone wins it!''. Arse.

Other then that, it's just another boring day at work. There's more then just me and my mum in the office today, so i have to actually work. Which is back cuz its boring, repetitive work, and i end up going into my own head and when i do that i end up going over bad things that have done and gone and past, and get myself worked up and pissed off. Just things like arguments I've had with J, and even though we have resolved it, I end up getting pissed off with what happened all over again. It's mental, and i hate that about myself, but it happens. Mindless cruising of the net helps!! But i can't do it when other people are here.

Though, speaking of J, he's coming over tonight (yay), which will be a good antidote to the crappy day. Its glorious sun and i wish i was out doing something much more exciting. But I'm not. Have to console myself by mentally planning weekends away with him and wondering what I'll dress as for Halloween. Its only four months away, people!! I think I might go as Alice in Wonderland, cuz I can goth that up. Though speaking of which, I was cruising the net for costume ideas, and i found the pics for the up-coming Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland - it looks fab, but at the same time, extremely disturbing!
Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter

Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen of Hearts

I like Johnny's hat. The rest is gloriously scary!

Haha we have go the door to our office open and can hear the builder whistling away on the building site opposite. Most chucklesome!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Excitement of work - Dream Re-enactment!

Had a weird dream this morning. I say this morning rather than last night, because it was one of those where you wake up early, then go back to sleep, then get woken up in the middle of it again.

I don't remember how it started, but the first thing i remember was sitting in the middle of a field, messing about with very cartoonish looking worms and caterpillars. Then, a perfectly round piece of turf starts to lift up, and an albino mole that looks uncannily like a white guinea pig pokes his head out. I tempt it out with the cartoony worms and moles. Then some chav boys appear, and start making a ruckus. I talk to them, and tell them to shut up, and gesture to the albino mole that is eating the bugs, but it gets scared and runs back down its hole. The next thing I know, I'm on Wisteria Lane, and Edie is in the process of being turned into a vampire. Understandably, she's not happy about it, so we hide in a random house. The random vampire converter appears in the house, and while Edie is struggling to unlock the back door, I distract the bloke (that turns out to be Carl) by saying that he is stood on my toe, and I'm only in my socks, so would he mind not doing? He seems quite apologetic, so we run out and leap off a balcony and get into a van and drive off. Out of nowhere, Carl appears to have acquired a van and is chasing us. At this point it gets a bit odder. Edie kept changing from her into the albino mole and into a yorkshire terrier, and when I went round a corner a bit fast (around some temporary traffic lights.... bloody road works) and rolled the van into a field, I went ''I think I'll do that again'' and re-wound the dream and slowed down enough to make it round the corner. Just before i woke up, I was alternately on foot and in the van, and just as i woke up, i had scooped up the yorkshire terrier and leapt into a roadworks van, telling the driver that he had to help me, but he wasn't having any of it.

Would i have escaped? Can you rewind car crashes? What is the albino mole all about? We will never know, because my mother cruelly woke me up for work by yelling my name. Boo.

Anyway, just done the Radio 2 Pop Master quiz, so now I've got nothing to do til dinner except work, then I've got hours of boredom before i can go home at 6. Obviously there's internet surfage, and listening to the overly cheery birds and the builders outside, but that's not really the fun I look for in an average day.

Though am supposed to be going rollerblading and to the pub to do the quiz tonight with my chum, so that's something.

Pigeon News;
Saw a pretty fat pigeon on my shed today. That is all. Thankyouplease.


Oh my god, i was cruising Google Images for a pic of a white guinea pig, and i found this!!

I knew they ate guinea pigs, but the least they could do was butcher them properly! This looks like deep fried road kill! Poor thing, didn't even take off its feet and head. Nasty. Surely they could make it look a bit more appetising, instead of just plonking it on a plate with two taters. Madness. Imagine if we did that with a cow! ''Here's the Sunday Roast, darling, a deep fried whole cow with two pumpkins on the side.''

I'm sure you could have guinea pig nuggets, or guinea pig strips, or stir fried guinea pig... not just a whole guinea pig. Weirdos.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Covert Blogging Operation

Well, I've not done very well with the new blogging malarky have i? Bad me. I shall give myself a stern talking to forthwith!

I'm at work at the moment, pretending to work, when in fact I'm just sneakily cruising the net while people are out of the room. I probably wouldn't like me as an employee, given all the evidence of my net based skiving and my general grouchy demeanour. That's probably why when i tried working for myself, I didn't get a whole lot done, other than making fish finger and cheese sandwiches and learning the finer points of Bargain Hunt.

Got to try and lose some weight again, after I've put on all the weight i lost before Download. Really shouldn't have gorged for two weeks, in hindsight. Though i really should try and find a sporting activity that I can keep up, but as everything i find enjoyable involves sitting down (or laying down) it's not looking good. I wouldn't mind finding quite an active job, but as I'm now in the jewellery shop or sitting on my arse all day in an office, I don't think that will happen either. Ideally, I could find an active job that i could work nights, but I don't think there's a massive list of those. Maybe stacking shelves in a supermarket overnight, but its not the most lavishly paid career.....

More later, I'm packing up and leaving work! It's taken me all day to stealthily write this post. I really must get back to rambling!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Download Festival recap!


Got back from the festival yesterday at about 9am, and was so tired i fell asleep almost immediately. Soooo knackered. Also managed to put on about a stone with the unhealthy eating, so that'll be the task for the next couple of weeks - epic fat removal. Though i don't know how i managed to eat so much, most things were about £4.50 for a burger, or a baked tater or anything. Massively expensive. I dread to think how much I've spent.

It was fun though. Not so keen on the toilet facilities, but sitting around drinking and talking all day and having little sleepies when i felt like it was great. Just not happy about going back to work tomorrow - boooo! Though on the plus side, while I'm bored at work might generate some good rambly posts - brucie bonus!

Trying to upload the pics from Download onto my Facebook, but it seems to be taking about a week and a half - yay for very slow wireless!

Ooooh, and here's a pic of Dot and Dash for your reference;

Though Dot looks like a homely housewife and Dash a terrified young slip of a lad. They are both terrified of me, and will probably raise a massive army of birds that are also scared of me, but at least they won't be lonely.

And i hate to end on some sad news, but Fudge was put to sleep on Thursday while I was away. I must say, I shed a little tear, but he was definitely ready to go. RIP Podge-Face.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Births, Death and Marriages (mainly deaths)

In fact, only deaths, as i don't know anyone that's got married or been born, unless you count the birth of a new blog, but as I'm not of a hippy persuasion, I don't.

Anyway, to recap on whats been happening since my other blog ended, i thought i would start a new one instead of faffing about with the old one. So much has happened, I just thought I'd move on, and start afresh, so here's a quick catch-up on some of the main themes....

Sadly Trevor has had to retire and spends most of his life on my shelf surrounded by other pigeon based figurines (yes, I'm that much of a pigeon geek). He was getting to the point where bits of him kept falling off, which I'm sure you can appreciate is quite a distressing thing for a pigeon with quite a simple mind to understand and endure. His spirit still lives on though, with a selection of Fimo replicas and an extensive range of mascots for each holiday/outing.

Diamond Doves
Sadly, a couple of months ago, Speckles, my male diamond dove died, and left my other diamond dove (which i never got round to naming) widowed and alone. To be honest, he was never the most sprightly of birds, and I think he was quite old when my friend bought him and then gave him to me. On the other hand, my female is only a few years old, and they are supposed to live for about 20 years, so I thought it best to find her a friend. So today, I bought her a toyboy, who is a gorgeous white colour, in contrast to her cinnamon brown colour. I make it sound easy that i bought one, but diamond doves aren't that common round here, so i had to search for quite a few weeks and then finally some were advertised in the paper. I then went on a two hour round trip and came home with Mr Male Pigeon Mark II. Having never named the female one, I thought it best to name them as a pair, so now they are Dot and Dash the Diamond Doves. Dot is the lady and Dash is the toyboy. Though talk about me breaking things, I had only had him five mins and he flew smack into the window and made his wing bleed. Daft thing. Apparently his parents are very good breeders, so we may have a few squabs poddling about the place soon!

My kitty cat
Another bit a sad news, my cat Fudge has gone very thin and apparently has a tumour, so he may not last much longer. He is 14 though, not bad for a cat. Poor little chap. Giving him lots of fuss though.

Guinea piggies
Still got my little quartet of cheeky piglets! The youngest is still very skittish, and Sundae continues to get massively fluffy when i don't chop her hair off. Got a bit of worry with Gizmo, who is randomly bleeding and has got bald patches on the side of her tummy, but when i took her to the vet she was baffled, told me to see how she goes, as long as she is eating fine, then charged me 8 quid. Chuh.

My toyboy
Everything is going peachy with my fella, I'm still a cradle robbing spinster! (hooray!)

General stuff an' that
I've finally got a job in a jewellery related field!! I'm working in a jewellery shop where the owner designs and makes commission pieces, plus they do repairs and sell other jewellery, so I really get to have an overview of what goes on! Though it has made me realise how little I know about making n stuff, but still. They are really lovely people, and have two dogs pottering about the workshop, so great!

Big news that I'm looking forward to is that I'm going to Download Festival this year!! A - woo - hooooo!! I'm supposed to be getting everything ready for it at the moment, but I've done a lot of it already, and now I'm too busy creating a new blog. I can see this is going to be my new procrastination tool, rather than Facebook or Dr Mario (a game like tetris, but with coloured capsules and little viruses to obliterate....I'm so addicted!). But yeah, Download! So excited! Its a rock festival, so I've lost 18 pounds and grown my nails really long for maximum impact (though they are making it harder to type). Got glow sticks and everything. There will be mucho drinking. *mini yay!*

So there's a brief catch up for you, I'm sure there are things I've forgotten, but I imagine they will come out at some point. I'm back blogging again!! Huzzah!!