Sunday, 7 June 2009

Births, Death and Marriages (mainly deaths)

In fact, only deaths, as i don't know anyone that's got married or been born, unless you count the birth of a new blog, but as I'm not of a hippy persuasion, I don't.

Anyway, to recap on whats been happening since my other blog ended, i thought i would start a new one instead of faffing about with the old one. So much has happened, I just thought I'd move on, and start afresh, so here's a quick catch-up on some of the main themes....

Sadly Trevor has had to retire and spends most of his life on my shelf surrounded by other pigeon based figurines (yes, I'm that much of a pigeon geek). He was getting to the point where bits of him kept falling off, which I'm sure you can appreciate is quite a distressing thing for a pigeon with quite a simple mind to understand and endure. His spirit still lives on though, with a selection of Fimo replicas and an extensive range of mascots for each holiday/outing.

Diamond Doves
Sadly, a couple of months ago, Speckles, my male diamond dove died, and left my other diamond dove (which i never got round to naming) widowed and alone. To be honest, he was never the most sprightly of birds, and I think he was quite old when my friend bought him and then gave him to me. On the other hand, my female is only a few years old, and they are supposed to live for about 20 years, so I thought it best to find her a friend. So today, I bought her a toyboy, who is a gorgeous white colour, in contrast to her cinnamon brown colour. I make it sound easy that i bought one, but diamond doves aren't that common round here, so i had to search for quite a few weeks and then finally some were advertised in the paper. I then went on a two hour round trip and came home with Mr Male Pigeon Mark II. Having never named the female one, I thought it best to name them as a pair, so now they are Dot and Dash the Diamond Doves. Dot is the lady and Dash is the toyboy. Though talk about me breaking things, I had only had him five mins and he flew smack into the window and made his wing bleed. Daft thing. Apparently his parents are very good breeders, so we may have a few squabs poddling about the place soon!

My kitty cat
Another bit a sad news, my cat Fudge has gone very thin and apparently has a tumour, so he may not last much longer. He is 14 though, not bad for a cat. Poor little chap. Giving him lots of fuss though.

Guinea piggies
Still got my little quartet of cheeky piglets! The youngest is still very skittish, and Sundae continues to get massively fluffy when i don't chop her hair off. Got a bit of worry with Gizmo, who is randomly bleeding and has got bald patches on the side of her tummy, but when i took her to the vet she was baffled, told me to see how she goes, as long as she is eating fine, then charged me 8 quid. Chuh.

My toyboy
Everything is going peachy with my fella, I'm still a cradle robbing spinster! (hooray!)

General stuff an' that
I've finally got a job in a jewellery related field!! I'm working in a jewellery shop where the owner designs and makes commission pieces, plus they do repairs and sell other jewellery, so I really get to have an overview of what goes on! Though it has made me realise how little I know about making n stuff, but still. They are really lovely people, and have two dogs pottering about the workshop, so great!

Big news that I'm looking forward to is that I'm going to Download Festival this year!! A - woo - hooooo!! I'm supposed to be getting everything ready for it at the moment, but I've done a lot of it already, and now I'm too busy creating a new blog. I can see this is going to be my new procrastination tool, rather than Facebook or Dr Mario (a game like tetris, but with coloured capsules and little viruses to obliterate....I'm so addicted!). But yeah, Download! So excited! Its a rock festival, so I've lost 18 pounds and grown my nails really long for maximum impact (though they are making it harder to type). Got glow sticks and everything. There will be mucho drinking. *mini yay!*

So there's a brief catch up for you, I'm sure there are things I've forgotten, but I imagine they will come out at some point. I'm back blogging again!! Huzzah!!


Marius said...

Pidgey!!!!! Ah the blogosphere has been so much less purple. Welcome back, ducks. I'm glad that there is more good than bad in the above recap. New pidgies, a good lad, and gainful employment are a joyous threesome. :-)

...and there was much rejoicing.

Purple Pigeon said...

Sadly we didn't get to eat Robin's Minstrels, but yes, there was still much rejoicing!

And I'm going to stick at it this time!

Stinkypaw said...

Welcome back Chuck! Sorry to read about Speckles and Fudge. I just hate it when our furry friends aren't doing that good... argh!

Great news on the job - congrats!

Hope you'll be around more often!
Happy to see you back!

Purple Pigeon said...

I know, its sad that we will inevitably outlive a lot of pets *sniff* but at least we can give them a happy and safe life. Poor lil chaps!