Thursday, 5 April 2012

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Worried now...

My baby is having an operation today! Poor little thing! She won't know whats going on, why I've left her with strange folk, why they are sticking her with needles and things... gotta wait til 2.30pm til i can go and rescue her...

She's got her giraffe toy to keep her company, even though she's torn a leg and an arm off it. Going to go and get on with some wallpaper scraping, even though my head feels like a bus has hit it. Seems like now all the infection and swelling has gone, I'm left with a face full of bruising. Nice.

Roll on half 2!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Argh, my face has got worse instead of better! It cheekily got a bit better, and i thought i was on the road to recovery, but now iv developed sinusitis and it feels like my head is going to pop. Had a bad night, and now I'm sat with a cold flannel on my head, taking antibiotics, ibruprofen and paracetamol, waiting for the misery to end. Plus we have builders in the house, sawing and drilling and hammering their little socks off, so that's adding to my pounding head. PLUS the sunny weather has just kicked in and I'm hiding away. Buggeringtons!! Though, as a chucklesome bonus, the antibiotics that the Doc has prescribed are also used to treat gonorrhea, so now I'm definitely VD free!

Im now going to go and watch Volume 1 of Season five of Supernatural, and hope the lovely sight of Dean will soothe my face. Volume two is out in July. Woo!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Urgh, hate being ill. Turning into a snivelling, coughing, phlegmy person. I seem to be harbouring PVA glue in my face. Thankfully I'm at the point now where i can breathe at night,but im still coughing up globs of unspeakable green gunge, and making the most horrifically revolting noise when i sniff.

I hope you aren't eating while reading this. That would be unfortunate.

I'm going to have a little rant now.

On Saturday, i went to a park with my Dad, brother and Frankie. It was a big touristy park, that made lots of money from parking charges, overpriced tat and overpriced food. As it was a sunny day, it was quite busy, mostly with people with kids and people with dogs (some nutters had both). We had a nice time, looking at massive swans and wandering round very structured 'woodland' paths, ignoring people squealing ''oooh a sausage dog!''. Eventually we got to the gift shop (yes, a gift shop at a park....), and as i like a bit of tat, we headed in. Out of courtesy to the shop owners,but mostly because people bumble about and don't look where they are putting their feet, i picked Frankie up. After about ten mins of looking around the shop, i took something to the cashier to pay. In a rather brainy move, they had put the cashier in a sweet shop section. As i was about to put my item on the counter, the cashier chirped ''Sorry, we don't allow dogs in here!''. I literally turned my body so that Frankie (still on my arm, so she wasn't infecting any of their produce anyway) wasn't in the sweet shop section, and that was apparently fine. Moron. I think people just re-enforce rules without even knowing why. Obviously you don't want a dog in a food shop, it might not be toilet trained, plus they might slobber on the lower level shelves etc, but there was no chance of that, Frankie was on my arm, and i don't think that foot of air space between where she was allowed and where she wasn't allowed made any difference at all.
So after that, we went into another gift shop. I was good, i checked to see if there was a 'no dogs' sign. If there was, i would have respected that, but there wasn't. I checked to see if there was food products. Nope, ok there. So i picked her up and went in. After browsing the really overpriced stuff for about 10 mins, a snotty fat woman ambled over and said ''sorry, we don't allow dogs'' in a really nasty tone. Cow face. So i put down what i was looking at and walked straight out. Just lost a customer there. What annoys me is that people let their kids run around the shop, picking stuff up, and they were probably grubbier than my dog, yet that was fine, but a tiny dog not doing anything was apparently not allowed. Had i been in the right frame of mind, i would have questioned the cow face, but to be honest, if they are so stupid not to realise that they are alienating about half their customer base by being so anal, they don't really deserve my custom.

I would much rather eat in a restaurant that had people with a quiet dog at the next table, than someone with noisy kids that flinging their food everywhere and won't shut up and keep still.

At least Frankie is petrified of kids, and won't let them stroke her. I don't want them to, i don't know what diseases they have.

So anyway, rant over. I'm going to my shed now.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Ah, the heady days of December and September, when i managed 13 posts, unlike April, which has a grand total of three. Gripping stuff. My lack of postage isn't really anything to do with being busy, but is more to do with not having much to blog about. I left my job a couple of weeks ago, and since then I've been going through a kind of productive activity inertia. All I've done is veg out, go out drinking, eat food and buy crap off the net (Season 1-3 and part one of season 5 of Supernatural.... i feel a marathon coming on!). Which i can't really afford to do, being jobless with a finite amount of cash in the bank. Ho hum.

Had lots of Frankie time though, which is nice, though grotty English summer weather has kept walks to a minimum. We have this great walk that is about three miles through countryside, and when it rains it just turns to bog. And the Frankster's legs are too ickle to be wading through bog. She doesn't even like padding through a stream! Though the 'Summer' has meant the grass has sprung up, and we can play Hide the Dachshund

The trouble with spending so much time alone is that i end up inside my own head a lot and end up over-thinking things (surely not, i hear you laugh. You can shush!). Mostly it's been arguments over food (in my own head), and my desire to be a stick insect conflicting with my desire to eat food...yummy fooood.... The thing is, I'm going to a rock festival (Download baby!!) in about a month, and one part of me thinks if i eat nothing for a month, i might be a bit thinner. The other part of me thinks ''So the fuck what? If someone that would be attracted to me weighing a stone less isn't attracted to me weighing a stone more, well clearly they aren't worth it.''. Anyhoo, after much to-ing and fro-ing, I've bought my skinny black jeans (that i have to starve myself for about two months to fit into) in a larger size, plus I've bought some gorgeous floaty pixie hemmed dresses, so boo-ya extra stone!! I'm having a burger!

Other than that, I'm trying to get more jewellery made, but it's just not happening. I think it's a psychological thing more than anything, plus i just hate polishing for hours and hours, getting filthy, to get firestain off silver. Sometimes i despair at me, cuz i hate going to work, yet i won't knuckle down and work for myself.... i need to get a grip. Ok, plan for the day, get showered, get to the shop and buy groceries, take the doggie for a walk, then settle down and finish a pendant that i started, then move onto my lockets! It's a plan!

Friday, 16 April 2010

A Small Announcement

It's my birthday!!! wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Dear Lottery, Could Do With a Win....

I know I said there would be a locket picture, but clearly I'm a big porky pie liar! I've finished the locket, and taken a picture, but transferring the picture onto my netbook means I would have to turn on my PC, put the pic from my camera onto there, then put it on a USB stick, then putting on my netbook. Call me idle, but i just can't be bothered at the moment. I'll make a few more lockets and then have a group of pictures. Quite chuffed with myself that i managed to make one with a fully functioning hinge and clasp. It means I have no excuse not to take over the world with lockets!! My next project is a heart shaped one with a piece of quartz inside.

Have paid out a fortune recently getting my car roadworthy. I hate MOT and tax time. Unfortunately with this car, it has turned out that everything needs doing a couple of weeks before my birthday, so my celebrations will be financially sparse! Paid £109 to have it serviced and MOTed (it failed), then another £35 to sort out art of what was wrong with it, then £70 for two new tyres, and the bloke at the tyre place has advised that i replace the other two tyres, but i am in no way paying out another 70 quid when i don't need to. Add to that another £68 to tax it, and I'm seriously skint! Really need to find a new full time job, pronto, or miraculously sell a load of my jewellery. Which i don't think will happen! I'm now snatching a bit of time to blog with a cup of tea and a bit of TV, before i go and get my car retested at 4pm. Thankfully, after that, that will be the end of the car expense for another year. I'm planning to move in with my friend when she goes to uni in September, so if i can get a job close enough to our house, i might dispense with a car all together. I know i love having the freedom of a car, but i think having more money will be more important when i move out!

After i got my tyres replaced, i ''popped'' into the brand new massive Tesco near the tyre place. ''Popped'' being an overly optimistic term to describe the process of visiting this monstrous venue. I only wanted some WKD Core cider (like Appletiser but alcoholic - delish!) but i got sucked into the gigantic aisle upon aisle of crap that i don't need for for some reason i found myself wanting. Camping stuff, gardening stuff, kids toys (i love kids toys... completely lost on kids, they don't appreciate them!), so i ended up wandering around, completely dazed, realising that if i made a wrong turn somewhere, it was a massive trek to get back to where i wanted to be. Crazy. Who needs that much choice in a shopping experience? Most people that i saw were just fatties loading up with bread, milk, sweets and processed frozen meat products. They weren't interested in the exotic fruit section or the whole aisle devoted to shower gel. Madness. Though even after all that choice, it didn't do me much good. Yes, they had WKD Core, and a large selection of other bottled ciders, but not my favourite, St Helier Pear Cider. Oooooh, its like drinking nectar!

My mum is starting to get annoyed with Frankie. Although she is slowly learning what is acceptable behaviour, she still sometimes makes mistakes because she is a little puppy, and i challenge you to find a toddler that is perfectly behaved with full control of it's bowels. Most of the time though, when she does something wrong, like running off with something she isn't supposed to, my mum just shouts at her and yells 'No!' a lot. Which never works. She then says she needs training and is badly behaved. Strange, when i tell her to do stuff in a way she understands, she mostly does it. True, she does like to run off with something new and chew it, so the only way to distract her and get her to drop it is to get her attention with a treat, and then give her the treat when she drops what she has got. Simple. She doesn't understand English, so why would she respond to the confusing mass of commands my mum gives her? I mean, she has learned so much already, like going to the toilet outside (with the occasional accident when no one lets her out), sleeping in her crate, fetching, waiting for her food til i tell her she can have it, leaving a treat on the floor til i tell her she can have it, plus lots of other behaviours that make life much easier. But because she isn't a robot, my mum gets annoyed with her. Ho hum, will be moving out in the Autumn!

Gonna go now and get this car retested! Then that will be that!