Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Ah, the heady days of December and September, when i managed 13 posts, unlike April, which has a grand total of three. Gripping stuff. My lack of postage isn't really anything to do with being busy, but is more to do with not having much to blog about. I left my job a couple of weeks ago, and since then I've been going through a kind of productive activity inertia. All I've done is veg out, go out drinking, eat food and buy crap off the net (Season 1-3 and part one of season 5 of Supernatural.... i feel a marathon coming on!). Which i can't really afford to do, being jobless with a finite amount of cash in the bank. Ho hum.

Had lots of Frankie time though, which is nice, though grotty English summer weather has kept walks to a minimum. We have this great walk that is about three miles through countryside, and when it rains it just turns to bog. And the Frankster's legs are too ickle to be wading through bog. She doesn't even like padding through a stream! Though the 'Summer' has meant the grass has sprung up, and we can play Hide the Dachshund

The trouble with spending so much time alone is that i end up inside my own head a lot and end up over-thinking things (surely not, i hear you laugh. You can shush!). Mostly it's been arguments over food (in my own head), and my desire to be a stick insect conflicting with my desire to eat food...yummy fooood.... The thing is, I'm going to a rock festival (Download baby!!) in about a month, and one part of me thinks if i eat nothing for a month, i might be a bit thinner. The other part of me thinks ''So the fuck what? If someone that would be attracted to me weighing a stone less isn't attracted to me weighing a stone more, well clearly they aren't worth it.''. Anyhoo, after much to-ing and fro-ing, I've bought my skinny black jeans (that i have to starve myself for about two months to fit into) in a larger size, plus I've bought some gorgeous floaty pixie hemmed dresses, so boo-ya extra stone!! I'm having a burger!

Other than that, I'm trying to get more jewellery made, but it's just not happening. I think it's a psychological thing more than anything, plus i just hate polishing for hours and hours, getting filthy, to get firestain off silver. Sometimes i despair at me, cuz i hate going to work, yet i won't knuckle down and work for myself.... i need to get a grip. Ok, plan for the day, get showered, get to the shop and buy groceries, take the doggie for a walk, then settle down and finish a pendant that i started, then move onto my lockets! It's a plan!


Marius said...

If I might be serious for a moment looking at the pictures of yourself you've posted elsewhere you are an extremely lovely young lady who doesn't need to be a stick figure, so I'd recommend that you don't worry about starving yourself and just worry about being the groovy purple birdie that you are. :-)

Oh, and 'hide the dachshund' sounds kinda dirty. ;-)

Stinkypaw said...

I agree with Marius. You also read like you're going thru a "down" period, be careful not to let it grab you good. Do take care of yourself and by that, yes, it does mean to eat. Get off your bum and do something, you're too young to be down like that, come on, get moving!

Purple Pigeon said...

You are both so lovely! Thanks for your nice words! I think I'm slowly coming out of my post-break up down period, I'm feeling a bit happier about being me instead of trying to be someone i think i should be!

lol, 'hide the dachshund' does sound extremely rude!! Epecially in bushes.....