Thursday, 28 January 2010

A Heads Up

Just so you know why I have been absent from the blog world recently, here is the reason;

Her name is Frankie, and she's the new love of my life. She is also very needy at this age! Though I'm convinced she is a genius, as she mastered 'fetch' within hours of being home, and she already responds to 'Come!'. Some of the time.

*massive grin!!!*

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Away with you, Snow....

Greetings Pigeon Watchers*, We have finally got rid of the snow! We've had a good old fashioned rain, and now the sun is peeking through! Lovely! Though you wouldn't believe how much stuff is uncovered when the snow melts, our road is littered with all kinds of crap. Though I have finally had chance to clear all the stuff out of my car, and have found half a bottle of vodka under the seat, which i have no idea when i bought it. Or indeed drank half of it and then placed it under my car seat. Such is the nature of vodka.

My mum has confirmed that i can get a dachsie! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Mega exciting!! There are a few in the local paper, but thinking about it, if i went and got one today it would have nowhere to sleep etc, so I'm going to spend a while getting stuff together for it, researching what vaccinations etc puppies need and when, and of course, saving up the cash to buy one (£500 dachshunds are going for... jeez. Though not as much as bulldogs, have seen ads for them for £2000. Insanity). Then, when I'm all prepared, I can start looking for one. Eeeeep, so exciting!

I've also lost a further 4lb since i was last in the blog world, so one more pound and that's half a pesky stone gone! But after the first half stone is when it seems to halt, so I'll have to go and do some working out down at the gym *shudder*.

All this so I can fit into my sexy black jeans.

And the rest of my nice clothes. At the moment I'm living in about two pairs of jeans and large cuddly jumpers and hoodies. Though that may have something to do with the freezing weather.

Anyway, t'ra for now, am off to look at factual websites about dogs and order a training manual. And try not to look at pics of ickle puppies...

*To those of you that haven't seen Where's Wally, i apologise for the random reference. I also commiserate all you Americans that called him Waldo, and never got to snigger when the narrator said ''Greetings, Wally Watchers!'', cuz we all knew he was gagging to say 'willy watchers' instead.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Nice Weather For Penguins....

Ah, so it's a brand spangly new year then? And apparently we have gone back to an ice age. I think when Dr Who regenerated, he knocked a switch in the Tardis that made the real world revert back to a pre-historic time of snow and ice. I expect to see a mammoth plodding round the corner at any moment.

I have no real excuse for my absence from the blog world, other than the cold is terribly tiring and I've been sorting out my room to get my new bed in. I finally got it delivered yesterday, and put it up and now my room:bed ratio is defiantly leaning towards the bed side of things. It's giant! But very comfy. It means I have to be extra tidy otherwise the debris in my room will just cause a land slip and I shall be forever mummified in a pile of DVDs, cuddly penguins and art based materials. That will be one for the archaeologists of the future to ponder.

But yeah, the main news is this bloody snow. At first, it was exciting, I wrangled Xmas Eve off work because I was snowed in, and I was marvelling at the prettiness, and built another snowpenguin

but now it's not even funny. I haven't seen J since New Years Day, because at first he was snowed in, and now everything has frozen so even though he managed to get to work today, he can't come to mine because all of the roads in my town are sheet ice. I still reckon it's punishment because of people complaining that it's too hot when we get nice weather in summer. Heathen bastards.

In other news, my mum might actually let me get a puppy! I've always said that I'd like to get a rescue dog, but looking at all the rescue sites, most of the dogs are staffies, alsatians and other big or bulldog type breeds. So i know I'm probably feeding the industry of puppy farms and the like, but I'd rather get a dachshund puppy. I've wanted one for years. I don't want to just get a random dog just because I finally can. This may sound bad, but hey ho...... to the Ad-Mag...

I'm also back on the ole diet again, started yesterday. I put on my half stone again, but weirdly, no matter what i eat, I don't tend to go over 11st. Which is all very well, I have a weight that i can stick at and eat what I want, but i don't really want a huge arse as well, so, it's back to the salad. Yay. And I've got a bit of a sore throat and cold coming on, so all I want is comfort food, especially in this freezing wasteland! But I will persevere! I've lost 2lb already, c'mon!

For no reason at all, here's a very cute pic of a dachshund puppy