Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Download Festival recap!


Got back from the festival yesterday at about 9am, and was so tired i fell asleep almost immediately. Soooo knackered. Also managed to put on about a stone with the unhealthy eating, so that'll be the task for the next couple of weeks - epic fat removal. Though i don't know how i managed to eat so much, most things were about £4.50 for a burger, or a baked tater or anything. Massively expensive. I dread to think how much I've spent.

It was fun though. Not so keen on the toilet facilities, but sitting around drinking and talking all day and having little sleepies when i felt like it was great. Just not happy about going back to work tomorrow - boooo! Though on the plus side, while I'm bored at work might generate some good rambly posts - brucie bonus!

Trying to upload the pics from Download onto my Facebook, but it seems to be taking about a week and a half - yay for very slow wireless!

Ooooh, and here's a pic of Dot and Dash for your reference;

Though Dot looks like a homely housewife and Dash a terrified young slip of a lad. They are both terrified of me, and will probably raise a massive army of birds that are also scared of me, but at least they won't be lonely.

And i hate to end on some sad news, but Fudge was put to sleep on Thursday while I was away. I must say, I shed a little tear, but he was definitely ready to go. RIP Podge-Face.

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Stinkypaw said...

Fudge was a beautiful cat, I'm sorry for your loss. If ever you want to write something about him on "Love is Four-Legged Word", let me know. I'd be happy to showcase any of your furry/feather friends! :-)