Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Office Party

Well, here I am again, alone in the office. In the interest of not going out of my mind, I might liven the place up and have a bit of an office shin dig. I've got a veritable feast of Chewits, a pack of Fruit Salad sweets, a punnet of cherries, two kinder Hippos, a mandarin Muller Light and a tin of mackerel in tomato sauce. And some of the cherries are particularly shiny.

I've got my mp3 player for some rousing music, with such classics as Boney M and the theme tune from The Family Ness (btw way, while i was tracking down that link, I went on a nostalgic trip round the theme tunes of the 80's. Raggy Dolls Rules. Good times), and i could switch the lights on and off very fast to create a strobe light effect.

So, I think I''l just get a glass of Spar summer fruits squash and a paper plate, and get mingling.

Oooh, one of my work friends has just brought me a bottle of wine to say thank you for giving her some lifts to work. This could really make the party pop if it weren't for the fact I have to drive home. Booo. Though I've nearly eaten all these cherries now, they could be fermenting in my stomach as we speak, creating a kind of.... er, what alcohol does cherries make? It's not vodka and cherry coke... *looks it up on google* ....some kind of cherry brandy, apparently, though there are cherry wines, whisky and various cherry liqueurs. Mmmm, lovely. I wonder if there's anything in the handbook about constructing a rudimentary distillery under my desk, to create a cherry, chewit and kinder hippo beverage and the prohibition thereof. Though if i was in the mood for building anything questionable under my desk, it would be a bed so i could sleep the dullness away, and be up at night, ready for action. Well, not action, really, but able to function. I've got a painting stood in my room that I've been working on for ages now, mainly because I'm too tired to start doing it after work. I made the mistake of laying down yesterday for a second, and immediately fell asleep. Then when i woke up i felt all out of sorts because I'd had a random sleepie.

I'm making triangles out of the Chewit wrappers now. Its fun, and more dainty than using crisp packets.

Ok, I'm so bored i can't be bothered to eat. That's extreme. I might have to actually do some work. After the conga, of course.

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