Monday, 29 June 2009

Sneaky Posting Continues....

It's Monday again, look. Booo. Am alone in the office for a while, so the temptation to save my work until someone is here to observe me doing it is too much, and I've succumbed to Internettage. Am soooo sleepy, was up til three in the morning last night watching the first series of Project Runway on You Tube. Have still got the final to watch. It's so daft. You can really tell where it's been edited, so it's all choppy with very polished voice overs from Heidi Klum when she is supposed to be just talking off-camera. I watched Project Catwalk with Kelly Osbourne a while ago, and her completely wooden presenting style was a treat for both the eyes and ears.

So yeah, watching the final tonight, and hopefully won't get sucked into watching the second series, otherwise I'm going to get nothing done at all ever again. There's about 6 series', so I would be there for quite a while. Yes, i know i could ration it and watch a few a night, but when have i ever been good at restraint? I can't even stop myself eating cheese every time i go in the fridge.

Haven't really got much else to witter on about really, I've got out of the 'is this a blog-worthy event' mindset. Either that or I'll have to do more interesting things with my life!


Stinkypaw said...

I've been watching "TrueBlood" if you haven't you chould, it's about vampires but not the kind that glows!

Purple Pigeon said...

Oooh, I'll give it a look!