Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Being Grumpy is MY job!

After yesterday's apparently surreal post, here's some reality:

Went to the pub last night, and did the quiz, as is our usual activity. Except i don't know if i want to go anymore, as it's all got a bit hostile. One section of the quiz is where the quiz master reads out six random questions, and if you have got all those questions right, you win the jackpot of £100. Well, about a month ago, me and my chum won it. It was a merry night!! Though, i have to admit, there was heavy usage of Google on my internet phone. Ever since then, then quiz master has stressed that as it's a free quiz, and mobile phone use would not be tolerated. Bitter or what??

Then last night, as he started the quiz, he barked over the mic that it was FREE QUIZ and that using mobile phones was BANNED and that anyone seen using them would have their quiz sheets TORN UP as it wasn't in the spirit of the quiz. The entire time he was spitting out his tirade, he was staring at me in a nasty way. Plus the quiz master (Kevin, pronounces 'funeral' as 'frunral' and says 'follering' instead of 'following') had just had his head shaved which gave him a scary psychopathic look. Unfortunately, my chum has quite a needy boyfriend who was texting her constantly all night, so every time her loud message tone went off, he would yell at us. It was like being at school! Though i don't think he had grasped the concept of internet phones, as i was merrily cheating away, i think he thought we texted people the questions, which would be very time consuming and tedious indeed. But yeah, he was very rude and it's like ''If you offer the prize, you can't get bitter when someone wins it!''. Arse.

Other then that, it's just another boring day at work. There's more then just me and my mum in the office today, so i have to actually work. Which is back cuz its boring, repetitive work, and i end up going into my own head and when i do that i end up going over bad things that have done and gone and past, and get myself worked up and pissed off. Just things like arguments I've had with J, and even though we have resolved it, I end up getting pissed off with what happened all over again. It's mental, and i hate that about myself, but it happens. Mindless cruising of the net helps!! But i can't do it when other people are here.

Though, speaking of J, he's coming over tonight (yay), which will be a good antidote to the crappy day. Its glorious sun and i wish i was out doing something much more exciting. But I'm not. Have to console myself by mentally planning weekends away with him and wondering what I'll dress as for Halloween. Its only four months away, people!! I think I might go as Alice in Wonderland, cuz I can goth that up. Though speaking of which, I was cruising the net for costume ideas, and i found the pics for the up-coming Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland - it looks fab, but at the same time, extremely disturbing!
Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter

Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen of Hearts

I like Johnny's hat. The rest is gloriously scary!

Haha we have go the door to our office open and can hear the builder whistling away on the building site opposite. Most chucklesome!


Stinkypaw said...

Sorry for being late on my comments, but I agree those two are kind of scary looking... that movie won't be for kids will it?

Speaking of those 2, I just saw "Sweeney Todd" (I know, I know, I'm a little behind on my movies) - man... Mr. Depp is "all that", isn't he? Loved him as a killer, yummy!

Purple Pigeon said...

Its not going to be a kids film, no, but i don't think it will be unsuitable for them. Though who knows what Burton will come out with!!
That he is! He is just extra delish is Sweeney, especially when he uses his growly voice!