Wednesday, 9 September 2009

More Midnight Battles

Well, did you all have an exciting time at 9.09am, on 09-09-09? I bet you did. There was a brief moment that was magical and special as the cosmos aligned, and then it ticked over to ten past, and the world seemed a little less special. Still a bit special, cuz its 09-09-09, but not AS special.

I've just got off my dinner break, and I could just curl up and fall asleep under my desk. We had a bit of rogue sunshine and no wind, so as i sat outside on the bench in the garden, it was toasty warm and sunny. Now I'm full and warm, and my little eyes want to close. Well, as full as i can be on my salad that i had for dinner. I feel a bit bloated and technically 'full', but its not what I'd call the satisfied feeling that you get after a good hearty meal. But I'll have to get used to it, its the way its going to be from now on.

I'm also pretty tired because it was another sleepless night due to the Great English Insect Invasion. This time it was a moth. I'm not actually scared of moths. In fact, with a couple of drinks inside me i have been known to capture one in my bare hands and spirit it away outside. I don't like them fluttering round my face, but i was quite happy to sleep in the room without feeling the need to get rid of it. They aren't exactly going to cause much trouble with their paper like wings and their proboscis. So I settled down to sleep with the moth happily bumbling around on the ceiling. The problem was, I am still in a jumpy spider mood, so as i was dropping off and my grip on reality started to drift away, the flutterings of the moth transformed into the scrabblings of a spider under my bed. Quite a few times I snapped into a semi-consciousness, where i knew i was awake, but i still believed my dreams to be real. So i was checking under my bed, convinced there was a spider under there, and at one point, i thought that a giant one was in my wardrobe because ''that's where they kept them and that's what happened when there were moths.''. Very odd and vague dream. So eventually i had to get rid of the moth, not because it was a moth, but because it was playing havoc with my paranoia with its relentless buffeting of the ceiling. I was a massive one too, so it was making quite a racket. I tried to capture it under a glass, but it was too high and fluttery, and i was still jumpy. So i resorted to spraying it with an aerosol. Sure Anti-perspirant, to be precise. All that did was seem to make it panic and spaz about even more erratically. Eventually, it disappeared somewhere, and didn't reappear, and i could get back to my now-bound-to-be disjointed and broken sleep. This morning I found in sleeping in a pile of clothes, so i scooped it up and put it out of the window to beeee freee. See how kind i am when it doesn't sneak about then jump out on me??

Off to J's tonight to watch some TV, and relax before doing three days at the shop. Probably should do some work now. Yes. Definitely should do that.

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