Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I meant to post this yesterday....

After a good nights sleep following The Spider Incident (with lights on and bed pulled away form the wall) I feel cheerier, and day three of my new office environment is still quite upbeat. My rubber band ball constructed from the secret bounty of rubber bands is now complete.

It's not quite as big as i thought it was going to be, but never mind. I suppose i can build it up as i come across more rubber bands.

I'm supposed to be working furiously, but i thought I'd have a little breather to blog. Not much to report really. The receptionist I'm working with is a lovely lad with tousled Heath Ledger hair. I'm on a fruit and veg only diet. I discovered a really old guillotine with a swooshy blade instead of a modern side to side blade. Works a treat.

Am off to the pub tonight, to do the quiz with the ever suspicious quiz master. Not going to drive as its looking to be a nice warm evening, and so i won't get rained on there or back. So i can drink some lovely, life giving Strongbow, to celebrate being over with the first third of my working week.

Am thinking of bringing a plant into work. I'm thinking a sunflower, that i can grow from a tiny seed, and then prop up on the wall. At about half past three every day, I get a tiny strip of sun slicing across my desk for about half an hour before the sun disappears behind the trees opposite. If i position it there, it will get lots of photosynthesising done. Its either that or bring in my new sunshine buddy.

He nods his head from side to side when the sun comes out cuz he is solar powered. But i kinda want to keep him at home. He's so cute! J saw one at his mates house when we went over one afternoon, and really wanted one, so i took on the epic task of locating one on eBay. Not easy. They aren't as common as i thought they were! But yeah, finally found one, and though i might as well order two to save on postage, but the seller stitched me up by selling one in dollars and one in pounds, and when i tried to contact her about combining postage, she didn't reply, and so i ended up paying two sets of postage. Thieving git. But still, he does cheer me up when i see him nodding and smiling away!

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