Monday, 14 September 2009

Poor Frank

Another day, another doddering old idiot wrecking my car. Seriously, do we have to have them culled when they reach a certain age?

You may think I'm being harsh, but i do have my reasons.

I was at work on Saturday, when a woman comes into the shop wanting to know if anyone had a little red car. I said that i had. Apparently what had happened was that a stupid old woman on a mobility scooter had come barrelling down the pavement, narrowly missed her and then crashed into my front bumper and then got wedged underneath. Bearing in mind that she was on the PAVEMENT and my car was STATIONARY on the ROAD, she must have been going too fast. Then after getting her scooter wedged under my bumper and gouging massive scrapes out of the paintwork, a van with four men in it stop to 'help'. Without trying to find out whose car it was, they lift it up, pull out the scooter (bending my bumper at the same time), and send the dithering old twat on her way, before similarly scarpering. If it weren't for the woman that she nearly hit going round knocking on doors trying to find who owned the car, I wouldn't have known til i went to go home and found my bumper fucked up. Clearly if she can't control it and won't take responsibility for what she damages, she shouldn't have the scooter. They don't have insurance or anything, they just blunder about regardless. And if that means that she can't get out and about, well, thats probably for the best if thats what she is going to do while she's out. NowI'm stuck with the inconvenience of getting it sorted and the bill of getting it sorted.

To add insult to injury, she went up the road past the neighbouring shop, and as the woman that runs it came out, she said ''It was that car that got me!'', like it leaped onto the pavement and forced her to break my bumper. STUPID. OLD. WOMAN.

Add to that the fact that my first Micra was written off by a confused old man that shouldn't have even been allowed to drive and pulled out in front of me, and you see my reasons why i think that old people shouldn't be allowed to drive ANYTHING. If they can't get up from a chair without three hours, a stick and a helper or can't step off the curb without falling over and breaking their hip, then I very much doubt they have the ability, reaction speed or strength to control any sort of vehicle.

Plus, the four blokes in the van probably drove off merrily, thinking they had done a good deed for the day, not stopping to think about the car they wrenched the bumper off. The thought of them with their stupid grubby mitts touching my car and lifting it up makes me want to hit them. Tossers.

OK, i think it's time i had a little time out in the corner, I'm on the verge of a tantrum.


Marius said...

A friend had just bought her first car, and was driving it home, when two oldsters cut in front of her from the center lane. She hit them and tore the bumper off her car. The biddy behind the wheel got out and said, in a most condescending tone, "Just what did you think you were doing, young lady?" Alas, oblivious car zombies are not strictly a British phenomenon. I hope Frank is made all better with minimum heartache.

Purple Pigeon said...

Argh, they have just got no concept of anything have they? If they'd have said that to me, I'd've kicked off big time. Hope she gave them what for!