Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Redundant Garments - A New Edition

Yes, well, we've all wondered at the point of the trouser skirt, and pondered just what the point of a sleeveless woolly jumper is, but I have noticed a new trend of pointless garment clogging up the racks of all of the women's clothes shops (and don't get me started on the annoying cloneyness of women's clothes shops. Doesn't matter what name is above the door, they all have the same stuff). That trend is the ''Boyfriend Shirt''.

Basically, it is a baggy, unflattering shirt, with short sleeves with fake roll ups, made to look like you are just casually wearing your boyfriend's shirt. Let me start with the crippling tragicness of that concept. You want to wear your boyfriend's shirt but find yourself sans boyfriend? Well just buy your own shirt and pretend you have casually borrowed it from your non-existent boyfriend (or even worse, your imaginary boyfriend. He's probably called Travis and is rugged and sensitive at the same time.) Why stop at shirts? Why not buy those 'boyfriend cut' jeans and step out imagining you look like you have cutely borrowed your boyfriend's clothes, whereas in fact you look like a lesbian? Or why not buy a hooker so you can walk in on her and your fake boyfriend and have an intense imaginary break up. It's a slippery slope.

But let's ignore the extreme tragicness of buying such an item, and focus on the pointlessness, shall we? Why not just buy a man's shirt, and then wear it with the sleeves rolled up? Or, for full authenticity, JUST BORROW ONE OF YOUR BOYFRIEND'S SHIRTS?? The ''Boyfriend shirt'' that they are selling in these shops is actually LESS useful than a normal shirt, as the sleeves will not roll down when you feel a bit chilly. The rolled up look is just a lie! Plus they are producing them with very girly patterns and designs, which means although they are supposed to look like you have worn your boyfriend's shirt, everyone will see it for the lie that it is because no self respecting man would every buy a purple tartan shirt with a silver thread trim. At least make them in masculine designs to keep up the farce.

But i suppose it fits with the fashion designer mentality. They have pointless hair cuts and have pointless little dogs and design their clothes for pointless people like Paris Hilton, so why not make actual pointless clothes? I think I've made my point.


Marius said...

I have yet to see this(maybe it hasn't made its way over here) but it sound hilariously sad. And in my experience the Travises of the world usually have boyfriends of their own. ;-)

Purple Pigeon said...

lol, yes, and they are probably the only men that do wear the purple tartan with silver trim, and they wont be lending it to a girl.

Stinkypaw said...

I haven't seen any of those, and I'm not sad about that either!