Thursday, 3 September 2009

Diary of a Slattern

Well, I got two of the things on my list done tonight. Find comedy childhood photos. Check. Sit in shed for a while and contemplate making jewellery before bashing a bit of metal and then coming to the conclusion to design a bit more first. Check. Tidy room. Nooooooooooooooooo.

Urgh, why am I so untidy?? My room is too small for such wanton casting of items hither and thither. I think I'm just a lazy arse. Seriously, I'm sat on the floor in front of my computer at the moment cuz my chair is full of stuff. I'm also sat ON a load of stuff. Dirty pig.

Still no pictures from yesterday, but i do have pics of the kinky ducks -


And I've also changed direction for my Valentines jewellery. I was going to make jewellery based around some pebbles i found on the beach a while back that were peppered with holes and looked kinda cool, but now I'm making heart and rose themed poison rings and pendants. I am determined not to change my mind again now, as i did this in uni and that's why i didn't have very long to do my work and it was shit. I changed it this time because i didn't get any holey pebbles at the seaside yesterday, and i already have some poison rings half made. Cheating a bit, but i don't really care....

Probably should attempt to tidy my room now, as J is coming over tomorrow night and he's a bit disgusted at my innate untidy nature. He manages to be naturally tidy and I'm a clumsy spaz, constantly knocking over his stuff and generally being messy. You'd think he'd be used to it by now. He's got a lot to learn, that lad. Or maybe he'll keep me in a cage with an exercise wheel and a drippy water bottle and only let me out for brief periods so he can limit the amount of mess i make. Or I'll learn to be tidy.




Hahahahahahhahahahah no *wipes away a tear of mirth* no, i can't bank on those million to one odds! Yeah, I should really go and tidy now.


Marius said...

You could always get one of those plastic balls to round around the house in. ;-)

Purple Pigeon said...

Like a hamster? Yeah, that might keep me out of trouble. Unless i break the ball....