Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Day at the Seaside!

I am so tired! Just got back from a day out to celebrate my little brother's 18th birthday. We went to Scarborough for the day (seaside place with much tat and fish and chips) and then came back and had an Indian. Am tired and stuffed to the gills.

Scarborough was fun, though i we were halfway there and i realised that i had left my memory card for my camera in the little slot in my computer - dammit! So when we got there i looked into buying a new one, but the cheapest was bout £20, so i thought 'Cha! I'm not paying that!' and promptly hijacked my Dad's camera for the day. Though sadly, as he has now gone home with his camera, i cannot share the glorious pics with you today. Had a fun day though. Went on those two pence slot machines and won a little pot duck dressed as a sailor, and a little pot duck dressed as a nun (?). I think the manufacturers of the cheap tat were trying to create some sort of kinky duck based sex fantasy. There was a skeleton duck which i really wanted, but the only winnable ones on the edge of the coins were the sailors and nuns, and i didn't really want more than one of each. I also put about four pounds into one of those cuddly toy grabby machines, that are a complete swiz. Loads of times i grabbed the toy, only for the jaws of the grabby thing to open and drop it. Cheating buggers. It was a really cute cuddly toy as well, it was one of those blue nosed bears dressed as a badger, with a five pound note sellotaped to it. But no, I had to walk away before i put all my money and patience into it. I did manage to completely mess up the display by lifting up the bears and dropping them again. Ha to them, they had to come and set them out neatly again! HAHA!

So then i had a little sleepy in the car on the way home, and then we went out for the Indian. Mmmmmmm, very filling, though it's now a couple of hours since and it all seems to have disappeared from my stomach. Weird.

Got quite a bit to do tomorrow as well. I'm at work all day, then in the evening i need to tidy my room, find some old photos of me in my youth for chuckling over with J , and make a ring for my Valentine collection. I've got a meeting on Saturday to discuss the exhibition, and I'm kinda nervous about it, cuz its my uni classmates and i haven't seen them since uni, and 1. I'm no good at talking to people anyway, and i didn't really speak to them in uni and 2. they have been doing allsorts with their jewellery making careers and I've basically sold a few bits on Etsy and worked in an office for two years. Impressive. But anyway, I'll worry about that on Saturday. Until then, my 'Get thin for Halloween' diet is not working at all, as I've had loads to eat and managed to actually put on weight. Boo to everything. I think my motivation for losing weight just doesn't outweight the niceness of food. Grrr, if only they would hurry up and make an effective appetite suppressant, we could all get on with our lives.


Marius said...

20 quid for a memory card?! Wow! The kind my camera takes are half that. In any event that sounds like a wonderful day. Do we get to see the fetish duckies? :-D

Purple Pigeon said...

Its a memory stick pro duo instead of a normal memory card. Why i bought a camera that takes them instead of normal ones, i dont know!

Fetish duckies are up for all to see!