Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sunday Fun

Oooooh, told you that Friday and Saturday would be a challenge didn't i? Friday night i came home straight from work and immediately went out with J, and Saturday i went straight out to a meeting about the Valentines exhibition, then onto J's house.

But, I'm back now, and we can chat.

Friday was fun, J and i went to the pub for about 6pm, and were absolutely trollied but about nine. Well, it started out civil, with pints of beverages, then he started ordering Korky's shots and after that things just got silly. But good silly.

My meeting about the Valentine's exhibition was good too. I was quite apprehensive about it, because I'm not a spontaneously chatty people person, and I am a master of the unintentional awkward silence. I have also not seen these people for about two years, since we left uni, and i thought it would be weird, but no, it was great. I parked my car in a pay and display car park, thinking two hours would be enough (and expensive enough, the next block of payment was £4.20 for up to four hours - they can sod right off) but two hours flew by! Every one seems to be doing some great things, and they liked my poison rings, so I've got a positive feeling about the whole thing. Groovy.

Also, I don't know if you have seen Dragon's Den, or the overseas equivalent if you indeed live overseas, but to be honest the point I'm about to make doesn't really hinge on whether you've seen it of not. Its just that the presenter of the UK Dragons den seems to be a real live Troll Doll.
Evan Davis, we know who you are.



Stinkypaw said...

Not the best looking troll around, but then again is there any?

Purple Pigeon said...

I had a couple of cute ones, but so-ugly-they-are-cute types