Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Gardening is complete!

Seeing as my polishing mops have neglected to arrive, my jewellery polishing will have to be postponed til Sunday now. Stupid Royal Mail!!

But still, it means I have another free day to do other things that need doing. I have taken my window box off my shed, fixed it, and reattached it. I can now put my plants actually in the window box. Hurray!!

Now, seeing as it's only dinner time, I will embark upon my many other tasks that i need to do. My guinea pig desperately needs trimming, so I think that will be one of my next jobs. She really doesn't like it, but it's necessary to stop her becoming a matted ball. Fun times!


My guinea pig is not a happy guinea pig. Well, she will be for the lack of matted hair near her bum, but she wasn't pleased with the whole trimming process.

Admittedly, she does look cuter like this

And she seems to be enjoying the camera attention, and showing off the lovely fur that isn't all matted.

But as you can see here:

There is nothing but hate in that beady eye.

Look at the pounds of fur she's lost!

I mean, she's very good and doesn't bite me or anything, but she squeaks and jumps about so i know she's not having the best time. But she will feel better not having to lug all that damp hair about. Though she might feel chilly for a bit. Poor little blighter. Who's idea was it to breed a rodent with unmanagably long hair that gets dirty within about four seconds? Guinea pig show people, that's who. Mad people that have nothing better to do than put guinea pigs in rollers and brush them endlessly. Some folk.


Stinkypaw said...

That second picture of your pig is disturbing... really! You butchered her good looking fur! I sure hope you don't cut anybody's hair, yikes! Edward Scissorhands, you are NOT!

Lovely shed by the way! Love the little penguin by the entrace, cute!

Purple Pigeon said...

Lol, i know I've really wrecked her lovely fur, but it's really thick and her wriggling puts paid to any kind of clever feathering effect. It will regrow and be the same again in about two weeks, so no matter. I wish i didnt have to do it, but she gets too dirty.

And I only cut my own hair, which will give you some idea of my current hair style and why i let it grow so long. My fringe lookspreposterous, as it is not straight at all.

Marius said...

Awww, cut piggie. :-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

That shed is to die for!!!! *swoon*

Did I see some creature as well? - tee hee

Purple Pigeon said...

Marius - She is indeed cut! and cute :)

DP - I know, its my pride and joy for jewellery creating! And yes, theres a cheeky guinea pig grabbing the limelight in there, along with three others! Its a zoo-cum-metal bashing zone