Monday, 28 September 2009

Good Effort, Could Do Better

Well, so much for my post-a-day attempt. Though having said that, 11 posts this month is a vast improvement on last month. I think i shall award myself a tick.

That's nice.

I had a nice week sans parents, not counting going to work. Had some lovely relaxing evenings, apart from when my brother randomly decided to come home, even though he has moved out. Pain in the arse. Went to a par-tay on Saturday night, which mostly involved drinking and talking rubbish while watching various televisual programmes. Oooh, and speaking of televisual programmes, Ross Noble is on tonight, with a series of him touring round Australia. If it's half as good as his DVD extras, it should be a treat! And the final series of Supernatural is finally out on DVD!! I missed the last few episodes, so now i can finally find out whether they stopped the Apocalypse! I'm guessing yes, unless it had one hell of a twist where the world did actually end. But probably not. Oh Dean, lovely Dean, I have missed you.

Have spent today powering through my Valentine jewellery. I've made all the pieces, I just have to polish them up and make the stoppers for the poison rings. I would still be doing it now, but when i got out my polishing mop tin, i noticed that i only had two calico polishing mops left, and i need about one per item, and I've got ten things to polish, so I've come in, ordered some off the net, and settled down for a quick blog.

Got quite a bit to do these next few days. Got to polish up the jewellery, make J a ring, possibly make my mum some earrings, tax my car, plant my window box, finish my Halloween costume, plan out some paintings, plus the various day to day things of tidying, washing clothes, cleaning out piggies and so on so forth. When did my life become so packed with things to do? I think it's cuz I'm a creative type, i always have stuff to do that isn't going to work and household chores. I remember when all i had to do what i got home from school was watch The Simpsons and perhaps go to my friends house. Now it's all crept up on me, and if i do get a spare minute, I'm always thinking ''What could i be doing that's more productive?''. Not that I would then go and do it, but it would be nice to have guilt free relaxing!

Going to go and write tomorrow's to do list. Yay!


Stinkypaw said...

I just don't want to think that Dean and Sam will no longer be on tv... I just can't!

Show us those poison rings, I'm curious!

Keep on blogging and keeping busy!

Marius said...

Hmmm, Supernatural ended? No more watching my wife drool over Sam and Dean? What a shame. ;-)

Purple Pigeon said...

Stinkypaw - I know! I will have to buy all the DVDs and relive the days when TV was so much more handsome......
Pics of rings are imminant, as soon as they are polished!

Marius - Perhaps you drooled over Dean and Sam a bit yourself, and you are secretly sad..... maybe.