Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Day Ten

Merry Pastry Day everyone! As there are many types of pastry, such as filo, choux, shortcrust, flaky and puff pastry, I shall choose a product that uses pastry in the best way possible:

The cheese and onion pasty from Greggs. Mmmmmmm. The only thing better would be a cheese and broccoli pasty from Cooplands. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I suppose that being the Yuletide season I could have chosen a mince pie, but i don't like mince pies. Get off my blog, Mince Pie!!

Had a browse through the list of holidays to see if there is any day i can celebrate with gusto, what with now being a hippy salad eater, and i was pleased to discover Spinach Day (26th March), Salad Month (May), Caesar Salad Day (July 4th, nice Independence Day lunch there) and most delightfully, International No Diet Day (May 6th) and Eat What You Want Day (May 11th). I rather liked Sundae Sunday (Third Sunday in July), Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Omelette Day (July 9th), Beans 'n' Franks Day (July 13th, fantastic, my car Frank can join in!), Grab Some Nuts Day (August 3rd), International Banana Festival (Sept 21st), Mouldy Cheese Day(Oct 9th) and Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day (Nov 9th). Other than that, it seems to be a massive menu of stuff to give you a heart attack by just reading the name of it. My birthday is Eggs Benedict Day and Day of the Mushroom. I don't even know what Eggs Benedict is. That's rubbish. I also hate mushrooms, but i do like how it has been phrased to sound like a cheesy horror film. Nice. Maybe that's what my film should be called!

Advent calender update - Yesterday it was a Toy Soldier. I guessed a stocking. I think the challenge is on with this advent calender, the chocs are really random! Haven't opened today's yet, will keep you posted.

Have already reached my half stone weight loss goal in a mere ten days. I know this was the target for the end of the month, so my salad must be doing the trick! Bearing in mind I'm going to gorge on Xmas day, so I need some cushion room here. Though the first half stone is always the easiest, it's from here that it will get difficult.

It's my best mate's birthday today (Pastry Day, good going!) so tonight we are going to go to a rock bar in town, and laugh at people attempting karaoke to rock songs. Until you've seen some delusional goth attempting a Rage Against the Machine song, you haven't seen the meaning of 'piss your pants funny'.

Spose I'd better go and do some work now. Enjoy the rest of your Pastry Day with your favourite pastry product!


greenduckiesgirl said...

Wait. There's a pastry day? Oh, seriously I must celebrate that.

Eggs Benedict is stupid and disturbing. I hate Hollandaise sauce.

Marius said...

I'd pay to see Day of the Mushroom.

Purple Pigeon said...

Greenduckiesgirl - There is, I hope you enjoyed a pastry treat!

Marius - I shall start storyboarding the whole idea!