Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Day Nine

Happy Chocolate Brownie Day!! Mmmmmm, chocolate brownies. I never used to like chocolate brownies, mainly because the first time i had any was in ice cream, and i was expecting something crunchy, and i didn't like the stodginess. So I avoided them until someone bought me a wrapped chocolate brownie, and it felt rude to refuse it, so i ate it, and oh my god, it was lovely! I've clearly been depriving myself all these years! No time to make up for it now, though, I'm thinning.

Brought a salad with me today for dinner at work, but for some reason my mum thought she would order me a cheese and broccoli pasty. Yes, it's my favourite, but she knows I'm on a diet, so what did she think would happen? I'm fed up of her thinking she can advise me on what i can eat, when all she does is say ''You can have this, this is allowed'' while talking about pizza or something. Then she incessantly asks me ''Are you sure you don't want any? Are you sure? Are you sure?'' Seriously, dieting would be so much easier without a crazed mother trying to force food down my throat. She then calls my dieting ''Being silly''.

Mum: ''Do you want any pizza/pasta/insert high calorie food here?''

Me: ''No, I'm alright thanks.''

Mum: ''You aren't being silly again, are you?''

Why don't you just fuckety fuck off?

By the way, I must credit Marius with my current obsession with American Food National Holidays. He mentioned in a recent post about what other holidays were in December other than Krimble, and Ice Cream and Violins Day was one of them. It's still my favourite. Bring on the 13th!! Thanks Marius, for bringing it to our attention!
That picture is making me weep with hunger and desire.


Stinkypaw said...

Me too! Damn you woman!! >:-[

Marius said...

*bows* Always glad to be of service, my lady. :-)

Purple Pigeon said...

Stinkypaw - Lol, soz, mate! It is rather delish looking!

Marius - You are a gent!