Monday, 7 December 2009

Day Eight

Exciting developments all round today!

Firstly, I'd like to wish everyone a happy National Cotton Candy Day!! Bah, Americans have such better national holidays than us, there's a food one for every day of the year, for a start! I'll be introducing a few of them to you over the coming month. Ironically, in the month that I am dieting. And i can assure you, there is not National Salad Day in December. So, a bit about cotton candy. Of course, over here it's called candyfloss, but seeing as it contains neither cotton nor dental floss, neither nation can claim that their name is 'correct'. Perhaps a place in Central Europe call it 'ColouredFluffySugar' and can claim name accuracy. Probably the Belgians.

Ok, on to other things. I have finally got an advent calender!! WOOOOO! My mum found a Toy Story one somewhere, and so I am extremely over-excited about it. Today I guessed that the chocolate would be a stocking. It was a weird looking shepherd. I didn't mind. I'll get it right at some point! I get to eat the chocolate anyway.

Had a nice weekend going to my chum's house for bowling, a curry and much drinking. Though he lives about an hour and a half away, and it was raining heavily so i was driving slower, and I took a wrong turning somewhere and ended up adding 45 minutes to the journey. There was then a mix up with the bowling cuz they had to start without me and J, but my grumpy mood eventually evaporated when my friend showed me a toy dispenser that had Care Bears in it, so I got three little Care Bears (Wish Bear, Bedtime Bear and Cheer Bear), and then I won the one bowling game me and J played, and then went for our curry. I say curry, everyone else had a curry, I had an omelette cuz i was dieting. Still couldn't finish it, I was very full after just the omelette! No room for the chips! Then we went back to my friends house, got drunk, much merriment was had. Drove back home in the morning a lot faster than we got there!

I have completely dispensed with the hoodia. I just don't need it. Eating two salads a day seems to suppress my hunger enough. In fact, at this point, I'm not hungry at all. Sure, I'd eat a burger if it was put in front of me and i wasn't on a diet etc etc, but that would be because I would really want it, not because I've got hunger pangs. Will hold onto the hoodia in case i need it in the future, ie when I've been eating salad for a month and my body rebels and I need an addition to any willpower, but to be honest, I still don't know if they work or not. Salad alone seems to stop me being hungry. Who knows. Who knows what the nose knows? I don't.

But the main news of today is that I have finished my Krimble shopping! It was such a strange experience finding everything that i wanted, and if i didn't, I easily thought of an alternative. Makes me think that I've got a particularly frustrating day coming up to restore the karma. Or that this day was to make up for loads of recent crappy days. Either way, I'm not complaining. Couple of moments I'd like to share with you though. One, I was waiting behind a bloke at a cash machine, and i don't think he knew i was there, and when he had got his cash, he turned round and saw me and said 'Cheers' like he was thanking me for....what? Not barging him out of the way? Mugging him? Stealing his identity? Weird. Two, I was in the supermarket and I had just bought a load of spirits and wine for xmas gifts, and the total was over £100. I tried to have a chuckle with the the cashier and said ''Well, if only the people I am buying my presents for weren't drinkers! It would be so much cheaper!'' and she just sort of smiled and said ''Well, if you know what they want, you could buy them throughout the year...''. Yes, Cocky Cashier Lady, in a perfect world I could. Wait, scratch that, I could make everyone homemade wine and jam and biscuits and give everyone a lovely Xmas hamper. I could wear a 50's style polka dot dress and an apron and be magical and perfect in every way..... no wait, that's right, I have a job and a life and don't spend my year planning for one single day in December! I thought i was doing pretty well getting everything done for early December, but no, I'm just a cretin! Bitch.

Another thing that was weird about that transaction was that on Friday i bought a bottle of Baileys for my friend for her birthday, and I was asked for ID (I didn't have any on me, but she sold it to me anyway. So the point in asking was....?), whereas today I bought nine bottles of spirits and wine, and i wasn't asked for ID. Apparently I don't look old enough to buy a small bottle of luxury Irish cream liqueur that was the strength of a bottle of wine, but i look old enough to buy enough whiskey and vodka to easily drink myself to death. I suppose I've just got that kind of face....

Anyway, enjoy Cotton Candy Day, and don't eat so much that when you go on the rollercoaster you vomit blue on the geeky kid in front of you.


Marius said...

when you go on the rollercoaster you vomit blue on the geeky kid in front of you.
That's a rather specific warning. Is this drawn from the 'Tales of a Young Pigeon' series?

Purple Pigeon said...

heheh sadly not, I was never a fan of candyfloss. Though you have to be specific about these things. If i just said ''Be careful with your candyfloss'' you wouldnt be aware of any exact thing to be careful about. Whereas now, you'll have eaten loads of blue candyfloss, and you will be about to get on a rollercoaster behind a geeky kid, and you will think ''Pigeon warned me about this!!''.

It's a public service i provide. Much like in Final Destination. The trouble is, if you cheat Vomit, Vomit will come back and track you down.

Ok I've rambled rather a lot.