Thursday, 10 December 2009

Day Eleven

Today's national holiday seems to be mocking me in my current hungover state, for it is National Lager Day

I've never been a fan of lager, so i cannot give a full rounded view of the lager world, other to say that I'm glad I don't have to find another picture that makes me very hungry. In fact, I'm feeling a bit of love towards that picture of Stella, as i don't want it and probably never will. Thank you, Ms Artois.

So yeah, my hungover state. As you may recall, it was my friend's birthday yesterday, and as planned, we went out, made merry and watched people murder rock songs. Then it all went a bit pear-shaped. I had four double vodka and diet cokes, and those on top of a week of salad made me very drunk very quickly. In our inebriation we decided to go to a club, and ended up queuing for ages in the rain. Then, just as we were about to get in, i threw up, so the bouncers wouldn't let us in, and we had to get a taxi home. And on the way home i had to get the taxi to stop so i could throw up again. I think i totally screwed up the night.

Then, this morning, I just couldn't face going into work, hungover, and be made to feel like a cretin all day, so my Ma phoned in sick for me. So I'm going to wrap all my xmas pressies in a bit, and do some washing. And try not to think about going to work tomorrow.


Stinkypaw said...

sorry you're feeling bad, but you should remember that you're not getting any younger you know... Days (or nights) or partying and throwing up won't become easier, quite the contrary, trust me... Feel better soon!

Purple Pigeon said...

Argh, I'm suffering and i didnt even get in the club! I'm soooo old.... I'll get my knitting.