Friday, 11 December 2009

Day Twelve

Today, kids, it's National Noodle Ring Day. I knew that would get you excited. Now to save you running off to find out what the hell a noodle ring is, I have kindly found out for you. It is this:

I'm still confused.

Weird day at work today. Although I was dreading going in, I actually had a good day because I had jobs that needed doing all day and I didn't have to pretend to look busy. It's not that I'm workshy, I just like to feel that I'm making some kind of contribution to the day, and that the things I do are actually worthwhile. Then i accidentally whacked my boss over the head with a plastic box. Spose I had to do something retarded or it just wouldn't be me....

Have managed to get all my Krimble pressies wrapped and ready to go! My room is like a sparkly silver Santa's grotto. Just got to make a few gifts on Sunday and either Monday or Wednesday, and I'm an incredibly smug organised person! Still, I haven't got any of the festive things done that I wanted to do in December, like make gingerbread, or make little gingerbread men tree decorations out of Sculpey. Haven't even put the tree up yet because we are redecorating, and the living room is a jumble of floorboards, dining chairs and other miscellaneous detritus. Boo. Want to get the twinkly lights up! Hardly seems worth putting them up for a week then taking them down again. Ho Hum.

Advent Calender Update; Wednesday was a robin sat on a log, Thursday was a lamb, and today was a toy car. Really weird items, no wonder I haven't got any right yet! Fingers crossed though!

Still on the salad diet, but I think I've hit a bit of a plateau with the weight loss. But never mind, I will persevere!

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Anonymous said...

Who needs a salad diet when there's a noodle ring to make you completely lose your appetite? Wow.