Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Day Seventeen

Where is everyone in Blogsville? Not many posts flying about on my feed.... I demand anecdotes, goddammit!

So, today seems to be a national holiday sent from heaven. It is, ladies and gents, National Chocolate Covered Anything Day:

Kind of obvious where my mind went first. Johnny Depp in Chocolat....Johnny Depp in a Chocolate Factory....But criminally, no Johnny Depp actually covered in chocolate. Grr. Google threw up images of women covered in chocolate, but who the hell wants a chocolate covered woman?? Surely women are more obsessed with chocolate than men, ergo, a chocolate covered man would be a more sensible product. I digress....

Apart from the normal chocolate covered things like caramel etc, I particularly like chocolate covered pretzels,

God damn Nestle for stopping selling Pretzel Flipz in this country! They were sooooo delish. Mmmm white fudge.....

Another of my favourites is chocolate covered coffee beans. Crunchy and chocolaty, and a massive sugar and caffeine hit. Gorgeous. Sadly I have trouble getting hold of them, as the only place i know that sells them is Cafe Nero in little tiny boxes.

Onto the more bizarre world of chocolate covered guffery, If you are feeling a bit carnivorous, but also fancy a bit of chocolate, why not try Chocolate Covered Crickets?

Or if that's a bit odd, how about chocolate covered bacon?Or if you are totally mental and find that you like a snack while driving, you could plump for the chocolate covered car, for all your chocolate transport needs.Mmmmm, Chocolaty.

In other, non-chocolate news, I bought my bed! I went momentarily insane and bought a kingsize one of these, regardless of whether it will actually fit in my room.

Nice though. The salesman was called Nigel, and he was a nice chap. Though he did tell me two scary facts about spiders (we were chatting about other nonsense than beds):

1. On average, you have a spider on your bed every 48 hours

2. 5% of all spiders in your house are brought in on your person, like on clothes or bags.

I nearly fainted. I suppose its OK with money spiders, but the thought of a massive monstrous house spider clinging to me is nearly too much to cope with without a panic attack. *shudders*


Daisymoo said...

Men covered in chocolate - yummy! I definitely agree with you on that one!

Stinkypaw said...

Now, now, don't belive everything a random guy tells you, especially not about spiders! Nice bed by the way, you go girl! And it will be a spider-free zone!!

Purple Pigeon said...

Daisymoo - thought most of the time I could dispense with the man in that equasion... it would ruin good chocolate.

Stinkypaw - Yes, yes it will. Thanks. I knew that spiders don't climb up bed legs. What a ludicrous notion.