Monday, 30 November 2009

Day One

Ah, last day of November, nearly time for me to hotfoot it down the shops and get a chocolate advent calender. Yes, I realised I'm 24 years old and should be over such things by now, but in these bleak times you have to find the joy in the little things. Hence the anticipation every morning of 'What will the chocolate be?? What will it be? I think it will be a robin! Yeah, lets go for a robin! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh its a cracker! I'll have the choc as a consolation prize....''. The mornings where i actually guess right put me on an unrivalled high all day. Well, most of the morning. Well, until i get to work, usually. If I get it right on a day off, well, I think I'd go sky diving naked out of sheer joy.

Spent this weekend doing a two day craft fair, and you wouldn't believe the wrangling i had to do to get the day off on Saturday from work. Ridiculous. But anyway, it was OK, sold a few bits, but it wasn't as busy as it could have been, mainly due to the inadequate signposting and general grotty weather. Didn't help that there were two really smug traders (one selling stone based jewellery, the other selling scissors) that seemed to be doing quite well, but were complaining that they had 'only' taken about three hundred pounds. At one point, the scissors lady came across to my stall, seemingly for a chat, and asked how it was going. I said it could be better, and she made sympathetic noises and said ''Yeah, we are the same, it's not very good is it? But then a big rush of people came in and we doubled our takings!'' and then she wandered off. Smug cow. Hope she falls and gets impaled on her pair of impossibly big scissors. Anyway, it's all over an done with now, and I can focus on making my Xmas presents, including my contribution to the Santa Paws. That will be this Wednesday's job, and then I can pop it in the post this week! Woo! Am so excited to see what everyone makes!

It has to be said, that apart from my family and friends, I am not a very charitable person. I have all the time in the world for people that i know, and will donate time and effort to help them. Well, the time has come to give back to society on a larger scale. I have often considered becoming an organ donor, but thought that donating my body to medical science would be going a bit far. I also thought that taking part in medical trials would be interesting, but there's always the drawback of having a massive side effect and dying horribly. So, in my own little way, I'm going to test drive what could be a useful drug. On the surface, it may seem that my reasons are selfish, but i assure you it is for the greater good (the greater good*). I am referring to Hoodia, that which has been touted as an natural appetite suppressant. I think this would work for me (if i does work) because i don't really comfort eat or anything, the only reason i fail at dieting is because i have a huge appetite. I've often wondered whether it works, so I've taken the plunge and i have got about a months worth of capsules. If it works, then hooray! Fat people are saved! If it doesn't then you haven't wasted forty quid on useless diet pills, I have. You see, I'm doing a public service.

Anyway. So i took some last Friday, but i made the mistake of taking one with a boiling hot cup of tea, which i think made the capsule dissolve immediately, and i was left with the most vile taste repeating on me all morning, By dinner time i had to eat something just to get rid of the horrible taste. I then took a couple more later in the day but made the mistake of drinking heavily in the pub, which always makes me very hungry and lowers my willpower, so ended up gorging on Chinese food at about 10pm. So the first day was a complete failure, but i think i will have to cut out alcohol if i am serious about this, as cider has a huge amount of calories anyway. This will be hard on the run up to Christmas, but i think I can do it! So, I shall start with today as Day One of the Hoodia Trials. I'm not hungry yet, and i haven't had any capsules , as I'm still full from my tea last night, which was two massive bacon, sausage and cheese sandwiches. But I shall start taking the capsules as described from 12noon today (one at 9am, one at 12 and one at 5pm) and get back to you tonight on the findings! By Christmas, i will hopefully have lost at least half a stone. I need to, I'm heavier now than i have ever been ever. I look like a suet pudding. Ick.

Random Hot Fuzz reference there.... if you have seen the film, you may chuckle, if not..... see it. It's hilarious.


Marius said...

Good luck, and keep those Hot Fuzz quotes coming. :-)

(oh dear. the word captcha is 'crisped'. that can't be a good omen)

Purple Pigeon said...

Mmmmmm crisps....

Stinkypaw said...

Good luck with the pills. Tough time to be starting something like this, you'll need more than will power for this!

I can not believe you consider yourself "not a very charitable person" I beg to differ!