Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Poor Birdie

I'm at work and having a sneaky post with my 12'o'clock cup of tea and muffin.

Some terribly sad news I'm afraid. As you might know, my birds are rubbish and keep laying eggs only to break them or for them not to hatch. As this is the case, i have stopped monitoring how long they have been sat on eggs, or whether or not they are breeding at all. Then on Sunday, I found this in their cage:

Unfortunately, it was about a foot away from the nest, and a little bit dead. I was gutted. I mean, they managed to create a little baby birdie, incubate it, hatch it, only to boot it out of the nest and let it die. And i feel guilty cuz if i was monitoring them enough, i might have found it and managed to save it and hand rear it if necessary. Booo. Poor little blighter.

I'm keeping a close eye on their one remaining egg, in case that hatches and they treat it similarly, but its been a couple of days since I found that one, and i don't know how long it had been hatched. They are supposed to hatch at the same time, so it's likely that the other is another dud egg.

One day we might get a live baby birdie, when they get their act together!


Stinkypaw said...

I would hate to find a little dead one like that :-( Sorry...

Purple Pigeon said...

Twas a sad moment!