Sunday, 12 July 2009

Random Stuff I've Seen That I'm Now Foisting* Upon You

* To those not in the know, here's the dictionary definition;

Foist - to force onto another; "He foisted his work on me"

Alternative usage - ''She foisted her gibberish on me''

A quick update on the smelly moisturiser situation - J said i ''smelled like one of his aunts''. I had a baby wipe scrub. I still got action. I threw the moisturiser away.

Over to the main part of the post.

Over the years, I have seen many things worthy of a quick photo for comedy reasons. Usually, to my eternal regret, I did not have a camera to hand, and so the moment was lost forever. However, with the miraculous invention that is the camera phone, i can rectify this terrible injustice, and lo, there will be odd pictures. Usually i can go ages without seeing these things, but recently there has been a glut of random things. I will share a few of them, if i may.

Firstly, there was this sign on the floor in from of a cash machine. I haven't seen any other cash machine with them, so they are by no means a standard thing. It makes me wonder just how far people are going to go before they start designating other areas of pavement, f'rinstance a section for walking, and a section for loitering. Whatever happened to just a simple ''Shield you PIN'' sign?? No, you've got to get out of my privicy area! Don't crowd the machine!

Secondly, we have one of my pet hates - misspelling. This note has been hanging around my work for ages, blatantly showing off not only its complete disregard for spelling, but also betraying the author's total obliviousness to the concept of the spell checker. Though I must admit, three separate misspellings in one word. Must be some kind of record. Its one 'c'offee and two 's'ugars in 'necessary', you spastic! Obviously, i couldn't bear it anymore, and got out my teacher's red pen. Call me nit picky if you like, but i don't care. I can't hear you.

Finally, on my short ''odd things'' list, i have a friend who can lick his own elbow. If you are a reader of email forwards, you may know that it is claimed that it is impossible to lick one's own elbow. Seems my chum has proved them wrong.

I'll wait a minute until you've stopped trying to lick your own elbow. You won't be able to. He is special.

Tune in tomorrow for my complete bafflement of a penguin tea maker. It sounds amazing beyond belief. It's not.


Stinkypaw said...

That's one bendy fellow!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm trying to think of a good reason for licking your own elbow .... mmmmmm? ...... I think I'll stick to licking other people's ...