Monday, 22 March 2010

I am alive!!

hey everyone, i bet everyone has completely forgotten about ole Pigeon! I've mostly been working and looking after Frankie. It's like having a little child that can't be left alone for two minutes, and when she does go to sleep, it's usually on me so i can't do anything, so i usually try and catch a few winks at the same time. And anyway, my computer is squirrelled away in my room, so i have to leave her downstairs. But my dad has just bought me a netbook for my birthday(a few weeks early) so it will be easier to steal time on the net, cuz i can just whip it out! Like now, Frankie has just been giddy all afternoon, and just flopped on my knee, but both she and the netbook are so titchy they can both fit on my knee at the same time. Genius!

I'm toilet training her at the moment and after a few days of spending most of the day outside in the cold, waiting for her to get the message that she has to go outside before she can come inside, she seems to have got the idea. She now goes pretty much as soon as i take her out, so she knows that she needs to go outside, but she still doesn't hesitate to go in the house if she needs to. But as long as we watch her all the time and take her out regularly, the accidents are getting less frequent. Exhausting, but i'm sure it will pay off and she'll get there eventually. Other than that, she's great. She's fun to walk cuz she stays to heel when she's off the lead, though as she gets more confidant she has started running off further and further, so i'm trying to train her out of that before it becomes a habit. She's mastered 'sit' and come when i call her most of the time. She's still defiant and cheeky and puppyish, so even though she knows she's not supposed to chew my best boots, she still runs off with them with a mischievous glint in her eye!

So yeah, just checking back in, will do a more detailed post tomorrow, perhaps with cute Frankie pics!!


Stinkypaw said...

Hope to read you again, SOON!

Marius said...

Yay for puppies!! Pics, please? And just for the record I check in here every day whilst drinking my morning coffee. No forgetting of Pigies allowed. :-)