Monday, 21 December 2009

Day... oh, balls to it!

Yeah, the diet has completely gone schmeckles up, as i have spent since Friday night eating whatever was wandered across my path. As a result I have horrendous indigestion and what can only be food octuplets in my tumbly. It started with having some fired rice from the Chinese after the pub on Friday night, and snowballed into eating masses of gingerbread (might account for the heartburn) cuz my mum is on an epic gingerbread house making marathon. I've also managed to eat much cheese and other calorific products, but balls to it, Diet can start again after Krimble when people aren't trying to pour food down my neck at every juncture. I daren't weight myself though. I may weep.

But onto more cheery things! My Santa Paws gift has arrived! Check it out!

A million thank yous to my Santa Paws Gift Giver!! I opened my package this morning and I was like ''Oh my god! It's Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus!!'' *faints with glee* I have been obsessed with this pigeon ever since I found Pigeon Wants a Hot Dog in a library (yes, I browse the childrens books....what of it?) and cracked up at the pigeon having a massive tantrum because another bird won't share a hot dog with him. I have since been scouring bookshops for any of Mo Willems Pigeon books, but with no luck. AND ONE JUST APPEARED!! *Clutches book and cuddly pigeon and rocks back and forth in hysteria*

Added to that, there is some Hanukkah chocolate coins (mmmmmmm!) and a Santa Pez dispenser with many Pez to put in it! I don't think I have had Pez before (I'm weirdly backward about some things), but when i was a child we used to have very similar sweets called Tabs, which used to fit in Pez dispensers, but i don't think they were called 'Pez' Dispensers, just a random generic name... I shall be venturing forth into the unknown world of the Pez!

And, saving the best for last, there were some exquisite hand crocheted snowflakes:

How absolutely gorgeous are they??? They are far too nice to only display at Christmas, I think they will be permanently hung up in my room. They are so detailed and intricate, they are like lace. Beautiful. A massive thank you to my Santa Paws Sender, and your very talented wife for the snowflakes, I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas!

In other news, I have finally put the Christmas tree up, though that's about if for the Krimble decs, as the house is still in mid-redecorate, with exposed floorboards and everything. Also, in the last day or so, the snow has visited Pigeon Towers with vigour! We might even have the first white Christmas for years! I'm sure I was about 5 the last time that happened. Of course, my best chum and I took full advantage of the snow, and embarked upon a snowpenguin creating mission!

Upon starting the mission, we discovered that the snow wasn't the really good, packing variety that is essential for building, but the really fine powdery kind that is good for looking pretty, soaking through shoes and gloves, buggering up innocent mid-twenties girls attempts to construct cute penguins, and not much else! But we were not to be put off, and so after taking about four times longer than it should have, we proudly completed our family:

The Daddy Penguin is called Trevor, and he is wearing my train driver-esque furry hat, Frou-Frou is the mummy penguin, and she is wearing a beret and what looks like two monocles, and baby peng is Penny, and she is wearing an anime cat hat. Well worth numb fingers and frozen toes!

I have also just finished making J's Krimbaloid pressie, which turned out to be a bit of an epic struggle, as i had loads of rivets to do and they just refused to work. I eventually made them behave and it's all done now! I'll put pics up at some point when I have actually taken some....

All in all, a most fabulous day! I shall now retire to my bed, where I have been so cold these last few nights that I have had to put a microwaved wheat bag on my already-usually-freezing-cold,-but-in-this-weather-there-is-a-very-real-chance-of-frostbite-as-they-get-so-cold-they-keep-me-awake-with-pain feet. Wish I could mircowave my whole bed!


Stinkypaw said...

Screw the diet - that's what I said - and Yay on the Santa Paws! You're one lucky pigeon and that little pigeon is just adorable. Can't believe you never had Pez before... my oh my...
Those snowflakes are precious, lol when I read "...and your very talented wife for the snowflakes", I was wondering if he made those himself, ah!

Your snowpenguins are not bad either, I must say.

Keep warm, as I'm try to do as well.

Purple Pigeon said...

I know, And I've never had an Oreo! Which is daft cuz they do sell them here.... just never got round to trying them.

Lol, is there a man in the world that would know how to operate a crochet hook?

Brave Astronaut said...

I am glad you got your Santa Paws gift! I was sure it was going to be late.

lizgwiz said...

Cool gifts! We're all making out like bandits in this exchange so far, aren't we?